Sunday, October 16, 2011

Of unbelievable.

Graduation is on friday.

I'm feeling really depressed and sad these few days.

I can't believe actually this friday is the day.I used to dream of it and wonder how does it feels like waiting for gradnight.I thought I'll be real happy to get over highschool which is full of dramas and everyone that controls you here and there.But, I'm actually feeling really sad.

I even felt like crying by thinking about it.

I am not ready to get over my classmates ,the classroom and the surrounding of school.I've been in srikl for at least ten years.I've never been to any other surrounding other than SriKL.I'll definitely miss it.
most of all, I'll miss teachers yelling at me because I keep talking in class ):

And also,
I can't even imagine not seeing you anymore.It just kills by just thinking of it.

Sigh :/

please slow down.