Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I got back most of the results today and it was like crap. I'm going to die on thrus , having all sciences back. I totally feel like a failure. I'm definitely not a study material.I couldn't wait to get over spm. I feel like there's a part of me dying each day when it's getting nearer to spm.

So torturing .

So the other day ,
I went for acupuncture to release stress, wtf. I don't know what's the point of doing it anyway but the intention is definitely not harmful. It's good for blood circulation and aiya,just health laaah.

Woke up round' 9am in the morning and headed to Kuchai Lama for Fish Head Noodles.


And then,
walk around yumcha with family and went to the place around 1130am.

The place is kind of isolated and creepy in a way.

Changed into a batik tube dress.

Honestly ,
the needles poking into your skin isn't that pain. It was bearable actually.

Felt so much relax and better , after that.

Might be going back for more.

When the needles are in me ,
I couldn't stop thinking about the scene where the guy when for acupuncture in final destination 5 . It haunts me so bad,mg.

Night market after that :p


and the very nice sausage from lok lok!

I had steamboat dinner last week at home :p

Iphone apps ftw.

Stayed back last friday with Bernice and headed to..

Had snowflake first and there we go.

The place was so disappointing. Got two new heels , different colour but same pattern.

then to pyramid,


TayTay :p

and now, the family comes in.


And last friday,
while waiting for transport to Tenji 2.


trying to fit in ..


i'm blocked TT

the elder twin really likes to take picture.

I should save all his picture and show him ten years later. So freaking clingy omg :p


And solo,


And you know whaaaat?

Today is such a big day!

This guy..

It's okay , fellas.

I thought that sexy man was GOD too :p

He went to military today (; and last week during his last concert..

he cried.

I watched the vid on youtube and I cried too wtf.

When oppa was thin, he put on a lot of weight now :p But still looking good.

" Don't worry guys, I'll come back in one piece" - Rain.

COME BACK WITH 8 PIECE LA YOU :D , I meant the abs .