Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Of time machine.

It's the last day of highschool tomorrow.Feeling totally uneasy right now.Idk why, I don't feel happy at all. Oh well, I'll try to enjoy tomorrow.

Anyways ,
I went out last Saturday with ze friends to buy grad stuff.

I meant the boys since girls usually prepare it a month before or so yeah.

Reached ou around 1230pm and hang around searching for clothes. It's so hard to search for guys outfit. It literally looks the same but when they wear it, it looks so different.All the designs are similar to me. oh well, I picked on colours. I personally like boys that wear pink or purple. It looks really cute so I couldn't stop suggesting this two colours.

Babytwins came around 130pm or later which is late.

I only remember that I was really hungry!


like button?

Went to BarBQ plaza for lunch.

Then separate to get ready for potato's surprise party.

Settled down at TGIF.

Just now is Lisababy,
Now is Livonhoney!

group picture!

And more shopping.

And the boys really did buy alot of things.

I only bought two nail polish , pathetic riggghht? ):

Fast Food for dins!



Then to cinema.


Real Steel was really gooooood!

You guys should watch !

And yeah,
last day of highschool tomorrow.

I used to type a blogpost about last day of 'school' and now it becomes 'highschool'. I really can't believe that I'm already seventeen this year and totally couldn't accept the fact that I'm going for college next year. Whatever I'm saying now isn't gonna change anything so I'm going to just keep it to myself.

I'll enjoy tomorrow as much as I can.

You should enjoy it too.. (:

Let's just hope tomorrow pass slower ):