Friday, October 14, 2011

When you're not strong.

O Hai !

I spent today with Bernice. First to AC, then to blackball. Blackball is just another copycat but it combines snowflake and gongcha. They have buy one free one promotion today so we decided to give it a try. Okay, another reason is I was so kiamsiap. 3bucks+ for one bowl is like so cheap so yeah.

It was okay at the first few bites but slowly, it tasted kind of disgusting.

Both of us never finish it fully.

back to snowflakes.

Brought camera to school these few days.

guess who?

It've been long, isn't it?

All time favorite Donniena (:


This crazy fella got at least 90% for each subjects.

We named him, Google (:

To satisfy myself,lol.

The so-called lala angle.



And ,
Deltarians have been practicing for graduation night's performance these few days.I think we are all doing great but a little too soft.Totally hope we could improve by next week friday.


I think I'll tear up during graduation night but I don't wanna smudge my make up. I'm really feeling very depress by thinking highschool life is coming to an end.

Oh well,
another new chapter of life.

Please always let the ending be as good as possible.

When vanity strikes,