Saturday, May 7, 2011

Of real story.

I am still in a very sick mode thus, I ditched my chem tuition homework and went on facebook for a while. I was hoping to see something like ,





But instead of that,
I saw something horrifying.

this picture

and so, I went high and low (on the computer) and search for the video.

I didn't finish watching it tho.

It was so sad. I don't even know why do girls with the age of 13 could do this to someone on their same age. Yes, we may hate somebody but does things have to go this far?


Hair is like one of the most important thing to a girl other than their face. How can they just cut somebody's hair from long to short. You can see how pathetic and hopeless the girl looks when they were bullying her in gang. She looks so afraid and hopeless. I wonder if the teachers are blind or retarded letting his or her student bully somebody like this.

I've never been to a government school and Idk how it feels like having 40 over people in class. And, perhaps the teacher really COULDN'T see it which is impossible ._.

I seriously don't get kids nowadays. When I was thirteen, I don't even dare to go near people I don't know.I was only thinking what should I do for my work and being kiasu , scared to get last in class since I was in the first class but of course, things change -.-


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I'd really wish their principal punish them
strangling them, cutting their fringes and make them walk around the school naked or something?

grow some brains .. really.

I really wonder what happened to the victim. She's such a poor thing. I guess, this will bring her darkness forever. Hope she can cope with it.

p.s screw those bitches.