Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Khunnie's hometown @ Day four.

Exams is like a few days away and I'm not even touching my books yet except for physics. I don't even know how to count. Why must we count stuff in physics! Pft, stupid.

I'm not in a mood for introduction right now.

Let's move on.

we packed up and have breakfast around 730pm! And left round 830 or 9. And, I left my smelly pillow at the hotel! It have been so many years already , mg ); I was quite emo otw to the first destination tho.

Left to see some diamond / crystal thing.

Don't you love mirrors ? :p


They talked about how and where diamonds/crystals come from -.- so boring pft.

They brought us to a showroom and we're not allowed to take picture in there. It was so pretty.I was trying to secretly snap some pics but got caught. fml );

green tea frap.

Not strabucks btw. It's kinda hard to find starbucks there unless I'm in a mall.

Then we continue our journey to a open safari. It was two hours away. Feel asleep in the car.

We were in the bus all the way there. We're like going through the jungle with our bus.Oh well, it's a good thing.Got aircond! :D

Few pictures?

this is frightening.

zebra prints! :D


peacock cock cock!

After an hour of tour by looking at animals through the bus. We went to this place which is so much a like like Zoo Negara but cleaner and definitely smell better.

So we went and watch this cowboy show. They speak in thai omgwtfbbq so we understand nothing. There's a part where they splash the water to the first to the third row of audience. They were like screaming and stuff. LOL.

Look at the shirt.

So what now?
Lee Joon style is it!


don't you think the picture above look like LeeJoon's outfit in Oh Yeah music video. When my sister and I saw him taking off his clothes, we were like wtf. Yesterday got Thai version of JunHyung, today got Thai version of Lee Joon ah. We got so excited and keep talking about it then my mum ask us shaddap. end story. ==

Had lunch at a chinese buffet restaurant.

There's this korean tourist sitting beside our table. Well, they took like three tables. And, all of them were so young.Normally I see ahjummas and ahjussis only but now, things changed :p

There's this fella in shades 24/7 . His voice is amazingly sexy mg :p I keep looking at him when I was eating. And also rigghhht, the way he eat very cute wtff. Stalkers ttm.

My brother asked me which guy so I pointed at him. Before I could even reacted, my brother went over like right infront of him and snapped a picture of him.


Then after he snap the photo, he quickly came over and show me. I pushed the camera away.The group of boys was like staring and staring. Omg, embarrass ttm! D:

After a few mins when they didn't look over here, I quickly take the camera and see the picture. Sumore zoom into his face. NGEHEHHEHEH :D

The one with the light blue shirt :p

He really very cute lor!

brothere camwhore -.-

just so you know,
he's eight -.-

then i camwhore :D


this is the 'legendary' face :p

After lunch, dolphin showww!

life so sad.

weather so hot sumore carry so many stuff!


The weather was so terrible and I had ice cream!

After that, we went to Siam Paragon. It's a shopping mall, it's so much like Pavillion .The lower floor which is the food section is so much like Pavillion's. Everything seems to be cheaper here pft.

they have pretty toilets!

Thai version of 2pm?

And after that , we went to a chinese restaurant and have dinner.

in the bus, annoying my sister.

this took me forever .