Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Khunnie's hometown @ Day Threeeee!


I'm back with Day Three updates.I've alot of homework but I don't feel like doing at all. Midterms is in 2 weeks time , GG.

I know this is so cut off but still, it's like so near. Okay I'll study next weekened wtf. I say that every weekend and when there's only a week to exam then I go all panic then complain complain complain until tired then go sleep so noneed study -.-

Back to the point.

So, I woke up round 7am again -.-

Following tour is crazy. They expect you to wake up so early. The next time I go on holiday , I should look for a free and easy tour or something. Sleeping round midnight and waking up on 7am is killing.

good morning pattaya!

Head down for breakfast and omgwtfbbq, the breakfast in pattaya hotel is so much more better than the one in bangkok.


and then , we go over to the other side of pattaya. The Hard Rock hotel there was so pretty! I wanna stay there someday TT They have quite a number of pictures of korean idols whom stay there like OBVIOUSLY .. Nickhun and Victoria (fx) , RAIN! , Mblaq , JUNGMIN,SNSD and also many more people.

If my dad print money, I would ask for the suite Rain stayed in.
Crazy thoughts :p


And so we took a speed boat to the middle of the sea. The wave was so strong and I almost got a sea sick.

And I tried ...

parachuting .

35bucks for a round. Omg , so exp! but my daddy say it's once in a lifetime so okay la harhar. All of us tried .

kancheong-ing kancheong-ing.

When the tie those things around me, my heart was beating so fast and I almost died D: And the moment my legs leave the land, I closed my eyes so hard and really held onto the things but then slowly, I open my eyes . DAMN, the view was so beautiful and the sea was so clear, I can even see fishes!

And one round is just like 5 mins, so fast! -.-

After that, we took our speedboat and go to the Golden Sand island. Holy shit, bikini everywhere. Korean boys shirtless everywhere. Damn TT so hot! sweat until die D:

I wonder what is this called. so pretty.

Sis held it btw. I don't dare. What if it bites. While I was snapping pic, the thai women went KA KA KA~~ all the way, I don't understand TT.

Chill at the bench.


Then a japanese girl sat beside me and asked me to snap a pic for her and her mum. Mother doter in bikini woohoo and then we start talking. Her english is fabulous , really. Same age as me but looking more mature. She's so nice and pretty and she asked whether I'm a korean. I LOL-ed and said I'm a chinese.

It was like .

She : Are you a korean?
Me : I'm a chinese but I love Rain.
She : PI?
Me : yes.

and then it continues. She's so nice! Ah, didn't snap her a photo with her tho. After that, she left and I joined my siblings and the beach. The sun was burning , I swear it was TT. Scribbled the whole beach.

In Korean , Rain. BI!

drew a bigger one.


and my brother, wtf.

The sea is so pretty so I camwhoreeeeee alot.

crystal clear! :D

and then, I passed my stuff to my parents and got to the sea. The sea water was so cold. It's just so awesome. Hot weather, cold sea water!

Had fun for like an hour in the sea and feel like my skin is gonna rip off from my body.

Back to the island and look around in hard rock hotel, then back we go to our own hotel. Our hotel is nothing compared to hard rock, seriously.

got back and have a nice bubble bath. Yes, I spend an hour at least in the toilet.

then get down for lunch.


after lunch, there we go around to the city in pattaya.

bought sweets.

keunsuk oppa!

every sweet wrapper also got his face O.O


and it took us an hour to reach the place wtf so far. I even fell asleep.


See how much JiHoon miss me. It even rained outside . Rain (;

and finally we reached the zoo of elephant. pfft, thai people love to put one animal in a place and name it a zoo.


My siblings got excited looking at elephants wtff.


elephant shit! wth

Elephants very smart one ok.

So there's this elephant shit on the floor which is that pile of shit above and so the next elephant was like walking towards the shit so I thought elephant very stupid like jumbo will go and step on the shit but end up, that fella lift the leg up and walk across it.

So smart, can die.

I thought elephant very stupid one pft.

Then we go line up for some traditional dance thing.

chloe :D


pics of the dancers.

we left half way since it's so boring :/ The weather was so terrible mg. And so we walked towards the elephant show place and try to get a good spot to sit down.

But when we reached ,
it was full );

and the show starts fifteen mins later?

look at the baby one , standing infront.

LOL! you have no idea how cute was this. When the guy says 'action' , they will do this pose.

yes, elephant does painting better than me fml.


and ,


And then after that, we walk around the zoo -.- and take a good look at elephants , parrots etc etc and go.

I just realise they charge for everything.

Wanna take picture with parrots , 4 bucks. With tiger, 5bucks. With those traditional dancers, 5bucks. Wtf.

Had dinner at some restaurant which was an hour away. Starve till die already D:

then headed to ah gua show!

free cola!

bro -.-

that's how much i love him.

the seat was so comfy!and , i almost fell asleep cos it was just all singing and dancing. Plus, I had a hectic day.

so pretty!

woah O.O



angelina jolie lips wtf.

tradisional dance again -.-

I almost doze off but then a familiar tune went into my ears. So out of nowhere, this girl/she male/guy start dancing Change by HyunA. The audience suddenly wake up, I swear. The whole row of korean boys was like whistling at her/him. That fella is freaking hot, I swear.

They even have the fake JunHyung. Lol,thai version!

the one in pink. with the bling bling one!

after the agua show end, we go out and see agua.

Omg, they so pretty!

look at her! one of the prettiest!
the moment she speaks, things change -.-

And after this, I went back to the hotel round 12am and drop dead on the bed.

xo xo.