Sunday, May 1, 2011

Khunnie's hometown @ Day One & two.

I do not need to stress to blog about stuff these few days cos I got tons of pictures and stuff to type bout Thailand. Just so you know, I went to Thailand last week? And, that makes me miss charity dinner pfft.
it's fine cos Thailand is definitely awesome. I think I wanna go back there again after spm!


Went to school on Thursday which is the 21st. Yeap, bieber's concert day. Left the house round 7pm and reached KLIA round 730pm.

Before leaving the house ,

Checked In and stuff .

Before departure,


In the plane ,

Don't ask me why I keep camwhoring. I realise , 90% of the pictures is my camwhore pictures.

The snack they provided. Spot the Foy Thong squarish thing. The cake is delicious! yumm.

Thai Baht.

Reached round 11pm.

And met UKISS! Not exactly all of them. Spotted Eli first and then saw DongHo and Kevin. And both of their new members, AJ and Hyun is smoking hot really. I wonder where SooHyun and Kiseop go TT.

I was actually leaning on the glass , waiting for my ahma. Then I scratch my head and turn.


ELI! :D I opened my eyes bigger and saw Dongho and Kevin walking towards Eli. I got so excited and ran infront and call my sister! Noone trust me TT and so I dragged her there and both of us went cuckoo.

I knock on the glass and go OPPPAA. The security guard was like -.- me . And then Dongho and Kevin turned and look. So both of us waved so hard as if we want our arms to break. Kevin smile and waved back as in Dongho.. I didn't notice. Kevin was really cute.

Got all the OMGIMUSTMEETMOREKOREANS feeling all around and eventually , waited for 2PM but, failed -.-

Reached the hotel round 12am or so .

Knocked out.

Woke up around 730am -.- I feel like, I didn't even sleep.

good morning!

I wanna sleep!


The breakfast was okay. Got up the bus and get ready to go to floating market. Shopping on water, how cool is that! :D

It only takes 30minutes or so there. The weather was kinda terrible. The sun is burning hot and I left my sunblock in my luggage. The worst thing is, I'm in black -.-

I can't even open my eyes so .. yeah.

camwhore, again lor.

and this is floating market. Just a few pictures because I was busy negotiating the prices with them, in chinese. They know how to speak abit of chinese tho.


Bought quite a number of things , 2500baht gone TT.

And after floating market ,
we start our journey to Pattaya! Khunnie's hometown tho!

But before that ,
we stop by at this zoo thingi. Idk what is it called but yeah . The weather -.-


to crocodile show.

praying so that crocodile wont hurt them.

serious, that beast was just beside her.

craziest man alive. He did put his head in it. I was so panic for him till I forget to snap pictures.


Then to Pig show wtff.

sho cute!

I was taking it's pic and he turned and look into the camera. Pigs also know how to camwhore!

this fella is crazy. She can count!


No, those pigs are not her food.

They just exchange the baby of the pig and tiger.

They put the piglets and a tigress together and put the cubs with a pig together. And so end up, the piglets thinks that they're tigers and the cubs think that they're pigs. When the cubs grow up , they don't bite and it's ever tamer than the pigs while those piglets bites.

Animal abuse wei.

After that, we start our journey again and head to Pattaya! Too many Khunnie's face around. I can see 2pm everywhere man!

And by the time we reached pattaya , it's already 7pm.

pork! :D

Dinner was good! Roasted pork! :D:D

And then check in the hotel and the room was so big. I was like O.O

Wash up and out we go to the mall nearby .


2pm crackers HAHAH.

Khun's hair is bad. Junsu ( the one at the top left) is so cute! The eyes :D

pork noodles! Bought a few packet home.

And that sums up for day one and two!

Wait for next post when I feel like it lah :D