Friday, October 1, 2010

The party don't start till I walk in.

And so,
Today's the 1st of October already .
Time seriously flies.
And omg, Finals in like.. 22 days.
Very well, Carmen for not knowing a thing.

And so ,
one fine saturday ,
Twins and shihning came over to my place.

They came over and then, we took a cab
to ss15 for lunch then snowflake.
Have a very good bonding session there
and then, back home.

Showed them some fahrenheit vids
and then they fall in love with them already,

Nah, told you they're aweeesomeee :p

camwhore with Sa's iphone
since my camera was with my parents.

like x 10000000 :D

loser :D

I think my dress is very nice.
Okay, call me narcissist or what
but I really like it alot although
the boys say that it look like a maid dress.

It's frigging 80bucks.
It's expensive tho.
From Nichii btw but I like so worth it laaah :D

caaal (;

and ze people.

all of us :D

like button leh?

like like like!

like also :D

It was just a simply bonding session girls outing
kind of thing, it would be great if they stay over.
Ah, the long night talks till we fell asleep .
How awesome right (;

And then ,

Drama's done last week?
It was kinda messy but it's okay tho.
At least everyone put in some effort.

And now ,
biggest news ever !

Class trip's approve!

You know what?
I never get my plan successful before.
And to be honest,
this is like the first time .

I mean like ,
the first time that more than ten people took part.

it feels way awesome. you know!

The critical moment when Justina and I
was in Mr Tan's office when he wants to chop
the thing. I feel so anxious and I just couldn't
wait to go to the trip already.

Mr Tan's so nice because he actually allow to
us to go although we have to skip a day of school
which is Monday :D Ah, thankyousomuch (;

And now , is to wait till exam finish
then to Penang :D:D

Why don't we plan for next year's one too (; :D

School have been okay
but there are a little dramas happening between my friends.
Well, highschool right?

And to throw them aside,
Life's so awesome.

I wonder if anyone realise that I
have not been saying , ' life's so sad'
that often already . xD

Aweeeeesssssuuuuuummmmmmmmee :D

And good news ,
Treatment's stopping for 3 months
and I do not take pain killers that often anymore.

Told you ,
life's so good without you .

okay, I'm hyper.

Gotta go.