Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't waste your whole life trying get back what is taken away.


It's 3.28pm now, means it's officially over 18minutes ago for those who take chinese.
So , how do you feel ?
I just feel okay D:

Since form one,teachers keep telling us to prepare for PMR
and all those nagging,pressure they put on us is really
very..shit,idk how to put it into words . OMG D:
My mind is blank , I just wake up from my sleep.

I'm back around ten, went online and then,noone IMed me
so I sign out , then sleep as much as I want.

So I was happily sleeping , then my phone rang.
Aijor. If you call two or three times edi
then,people don't pick then stop calling lar .
Send msg ma . hmph >.<

I called back everyone that miss call me
so next time see me , dont scold me ar ! =D

I'm broke : (

I wanna dye my hair , I need money :(

I spend sometime , youtube-ing bout Fahrenheit .
It've been a long time since I watch their videos
and save their new pictures to put as my desktop background.
And,CalCal is so cute <3

AW :)

Out to pyramid .