Friday, October 23, 2009

Heroes (Our Version)

Lately, I've posted a entry named 'heroes' .
Yes , my previous post was talking out me in it.
I am just some random ke le feh inside ,don't bother.

But now , here I am to tell you everything in details .

The storyline is something from Heroes
but they changed a little and add in their own concept.
Some parts are really funny , don't you think so.
And, many love the bloopers , no?

And , i think science fiction is coooool .

Before this filming thing even started ,
Bryan always who sit very far infront always
come to Nick's place which is located beside me
to talk about the scripts , the way of filming and everything.
He doesn't wanna let me listen
because he said , it's a top secret -.-

So finally part one is out on July 27,2009 .
8 minutes plus video with bloopers .
Only Bryan , Nicklaus and Kevan is in the vid.

After days and days of editing , filming .
It's like finally , it's done .

Of course , the boys were really happy bout it .
After all the hard work , right .
And , they will be even more happier if
they get alot of good feedbacks so *eyebrows*

You think 8minutes video , really take a few minutes.

Every scene from the vid , doesn't succeed at take one.
They do it alot of times , they repeat and repeat again
for the best and you think it's easy . It's not, at all.
I couldn't believe how tiring and hard it was
until I tried it ytd , under the sun after 4-5 times of taking.
It's so hard to control your laughter and everything .
And , I will just appear for like 5secs or even lesser
and I'm complaining here already .

Imagine them when they have so many scenes
and need to retake and retake .

Other than that , they need to find different places
for different scene and all those stuff .
Imagine how much time they spend to think .
Then after the whole day of acting ,
they go home and still need to think of the storyline
and how to edit .

Plus ,
I've interrupt so many scenes
and they really have a hard time to cut those scenes.
my fault D:

And , part one was kinda successful.
Many people gave really good feedbacks
and JENG JENG JENG, there comes..

Yes, part two .
And , filming in progress now .

Many new cast will be in part two .
Like , Yuhung,YiZen and Solomon
and their roles are really...icanttell : )

I'll leave it to you to judge when part two is out.
And , no doubt it'll be awesome .

I've watched some parts of the video already
and really , it would make you laugh .
Nah, stop imagining . It's more exaggerating than your imagination.

Remember the ending of part one of the vid ?
Bryan wanted to take revenge on Nicklaus O.O
so what do you think Bryan will do to him?
And what are the three new characters gonna do?

I can't wait to know what's gonna happen .
I asked them but they zipped their lips out really tight.
They don't wanna tell me anything , at all.

I've talk long enough , there're some pictures in the filming progress may entertain you .

the arrow : )


In the vid , he disappeared . Where he gone to ?

Sho yeeeeeeeng : D

but, not anymore -.-'

My priceless noobface OMG .

totally behind the scenes , when we're trying to oder our lunch but Bryan , disturbed .

Trust me, I've more in my camera now.
It's taken few hours ago , in school
but I'm too lazy to upload or maybe next time .

Let's imagine ,
Imagine that you've powers , don't you think it's damn cool.

Each of them have their own power .

Bryan's powers is teleportation and self-cloning.
Nicklaus's powers will be time manipulation and self-propelled flight.
Kevan's one will be invisibility and shoot laser .

And , those new characters from part two .

Solomon's one is precognition .
YiZen's will be teleportation and soundwaves .
Other's shouldn't be list in detail tho ,
watch yourself when the video is out .

The producer haven't give me a specific date
about part two yet , but after I know what's the date.
I'll post it up here to inform you people .

After you watch the vid ,
tell me who's your favorite hero
then, maybe I'll give you their emails *eyebrows*

Those who's interested to subscribe.
Please subscribe here .

And again , if you have not watch part one
or you have not leave a comment, please do so .
Every comment is much appreciated
and hopefully, most of them are good ones .
They've put alot of effort in this
and I hope you, people won't just break down
their confidence due to your jealousy or something else.

If not , CLICK HERE .

Just click that button and you're a fan.
Support this vid , watch it , promote it .

The producer's website : CLICK!

It's not about the how tired will they be
or how many scenes they can put into this.
It's about the end of everything
and , their teamwork working on this video
all by themselves for the very first time .
They do not deserve to be insult but praised
because they actually have done things all together
without any help from experience people .
And , those really retarded parts .
They really need to be very brave .
So why not , give them some confidence
and then , they will do everything better .

Agree , no ?

So now , check out the fan club everyday
for those behind the scenes pictures
and then , wait for part two patiently .
It won't disappoint you .

Thanks for spending your time here, reading .

And stay tuned for

by Carmen Lim Kah Mun .