Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wanted you .

Hello , I'm back from Langkawi and now ,
I've to get ready for tmr halloween's .
Chose a dress but i guess it wasn't pretty enough.
And then , AAR's on saturday .

I've hope my timetable will be full , like everyday
so that I've no time to emo or feel lonely .
When moodswings tag along, everything would be shitty.

Langkawi was awesome , kinda awesome .
Except for the night , everyone claimed that the room is haunted TT

Will update about it when I'm free
so as other plans , or just clash it into one entry
or something like that .

Visitors have been decreasing like crazy, lately .

And ,
Those pictures in my camera is not even more than 300 !
Didn't have the time to camwhore and so .
More in other's camera and Bryan took damn alot of retarded
pictures of me and currently , some is in facebook . ish >.<
This evil cute little thing have been disturbing when I take pictures with others , always inbetween of everything .

During island hopping , My OH SO AWESOME flying hair , wtf .

And those time , everyone stand under the hot sun , on the super hot sand for volleyball .

Those times that idkwho pushed me into the sea then put sands into my shirt -.-

and spend those time , at night playing cards .
Then the boys with their PS2 ,
the night that I was scared of ghost , made them sleep late night.

It was awesome .

Hopefully one day ,someone organize another trip again .

and , laugh .

Taken by CHENG CHENG <3

Be right back with updates yo !