Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't tell me you understand when you don't even care .

Wanna take a break from outings these few days so yeah .
I think I should take a break from Pyramid , omg .
Still, you can call me up but can't promise that I'll go .
Depends on my mood lar.

On tuesday , I went off to Pyramid round 5plus
and meet the boys up at Tarbush .
Not gonna list all of them tho, it's like so many of them.
SSed in the car, of course.

Reached there , sat down .
Shisha-ed mint flavor which none of them like , at all.
They were playing with my camera so yeah .

Then Kahming was trying to camwhore .
AND , there .

wtf, fail really really badly.

Lik Chuen is really cute in those pictures , right ?
Thanks to the pro photographer *cough carmen cough*

Then , I showed them . this is call camwhoring : )
LOL . perasan .

They were like going through my pictures
and they like , WOAH CAMWHORE SO MUCH .

Everytime I wanna talk , they don't wanna listen
so I shouted then finally everyone of them look at me and listened.
Then, they scolded me for shouting and interrupting.

Solo pictures taken by idk who .

After that , followed them walking around the mall
and then spilt up , went to Forever 21 to meet the girls up.


Unfortunately Mel is holding the camera , if not we could have a complete one.

Then headed to Italinnies , Suetteng and I went the wrong way
and the whole gang was laughing at us .
God, it was so embrassing .
And, we couldn't find our way to Italinnies.
We're so dumb . LOL.

Laughed out really really loud in the restaurant
till the waiter came over to warn us.
Ryan was like mumbling those words .hilarious.

Suetteng <3

Then, we left to check out movies in the cinema.
Bought tickets, walked around and those.
Ryan and YuanYang was like complaining
when we keep taking pictures . hmph.

Mel : D


Watched Sorority Row around 920pm
and that movie scare hell outta me.
Suetteng lah ! She always touch me out of sudden
and it seriously freak me out and she thinks it's funny.
Screamed for a couple of times.

Sticked to Melannie and then cover my face with both hands.
Just leave a little gap to watch it .
Melannie keep asking , "DIE EDI AR DIE EDI AR"
and it made me laughed . : D

Everything ended around 11plus and then, we got home.
Sleep really early that night , and wake up around eleven.

Out to Pyramid again with Suetteng and XuehQi.
Girls day out .

Accompanied them to look for their job
then we felt down out of sudden .
Dinner at Gasoline , complained real lot.
When it gets later , we start laughing again.
Reached home around nine.

Woke up around twelve today
and then , went online .
Went to school to pay for class trip.
Coloured my hair , isnt obvious enough.
70bucks gone .

I'm not in a mood now ,