Tuesday, July 7, 2015

La Vie En Rose.

Me in pink. 

Definitely something very rare from me because I'm always on the dark side. It's either I go all the way neon bright or just stay as dark as possible. My basics are always in black, navy blue and white. I refuse to go out of my comfort zone of colours because dark colours makes me feel more secure. And I've also read a post about being in all black shows confidence. 

Well, sometimes we just come out of our comfort zone to give people surprises. Not always, but just sometimes. 

I don't always put on this genre of make up. 

I hope I don't look too bad in trying to look more romantic. 

This is because I'm heading for a dinner in La Vie En Rose, located at Jalan Raja Chulan. This restaurant is in a bungalow house with a very tricky location. This French restaurant is voted as one of the most romantic restaurants in KL. I can't help but to agree with it. I love the idea of this place by reading reviews and I love it more after visiting it. 
*hint* Perfect for a dinner date. 

Minimalistic interior with romantic French music playing at the background. 

Their food is good, I would say. Now, I know why do they get 4.5 stars out of 5. I haven't been to French to taste the authentic but I supposed that I already have a hint of it. 

Started with a complimentary bread.

One thing about French cuisine ,
they serve very good homemade bread. 

It was really soft and fluffy.

Bisque de langoustine et crab, cigarettes au parmesan et aïoli 
(Langoustine and crab soup, Parmesan crackers and potato garlic mayonnaise)
RM 43

I swear that they have the freshest ingredients. The parmesan crackers goes so well with the crab soup. The potato garlic mayonnaise was in the right amount, not overshadowing the freshness from the crab. I think this would be the perfect soup for someone who loves seafood. Personally , I love it a lot. 

I always choose soup as my starter and I wished to change that. 

Crème brûlée au foie gras, brioche toastée
(Foie gras crème brûlée with toasted brioche)

I've never tried foie gras to be serve in creme brulee form. This is something very special to me. I only had normal creme brulee which is always served as dessert. This appetizer is definitely good stuff, not to mention is glamorous too

 Cuisse de canard confite, façon Cassoulet
(Duck leg confit with coco beans stew)
RM 57

My choice of main. The skin is very crispy, and I love that texture. However, it was a little bit too salty. The coco beans stew were nice , made from scratch. Not one of the best I've tasted, but still good enough.

Entrecôte poêlée, sauce au Roquefort ou beurre Café de Paris
(Rib-eye steak with Roquefort sauce or Café de Paris butter)
RM 94

Medium Rare Rib-eye steak which was on point. This piece of steak is good , I would say. I am not good at judging steak and actually, that would be the last thing that I would order unless it is their speciality. The Roquefort sauce was something special, and I do not quite like it. I'd just go with the normal steak sauce. lol.

And also, we have complimentary sides to go with  ;

And ,
we opened a bottle of red wine. 

Everything is better with alcohol, lol.


After dinner, we requested to change our seats outdoor for desserts. It was a windy night, and indoors are getting stuffy. I was so glad that it didn't rain that night. 

A hint of twin towers, the city I grow up in. 

Kuala Lumpur will always be my favourite city, no matter how many places I have visited or going to visit in the future. Nothing is better than home. Nothing is better than a place you grow up from. 

From the picture, you can already understand what I meant by their awkward location. 

Moelleux au chocolat noir Valrhona, glace maison à la vanille
(Valrhona dark chocolate lava cake , homemade vanilla ice cream)
RM 28

This is our dessert , which was highly recommended.

I guess there is nothing better than a night like this .

In this romantic ambiance, everything seems to be perfect. Or maybe, that's because we have wine. 

It was a great night. 
Good ambiance and food, lovely night breeze in the city.

Everything is beautiful,
but beautiful things only last for a while. 

goodnight xx.