Monday, June 1, 2015

A mess in the best.

Half a year has passed, and it feels like just yesterday that I was on this page ushering you to have closure for your 2014. I am done with my exams and now, I'm on my long much needed break.
 I do not have any plans of travelling though, I'm desperate for a getaway. I enjoy being alone but not to the extend of being able to travel to another place which I am not familiar with without any companion. I do not dare to do so yet, and I believe that someday I will do it because it is something that we should do in our lifetime. 

We are not the same person we are yesterday. I didn't mean by us waking up after eight hours of sleep, and feel the changes. Someday , some things will acknowledge you that something in you have changed. Your perspectives , thoughts and feelings towards certain thing would not be the same as the past.
We move on, without us knowing. At one point, you just couldn't care less. You need to focus on yourself because youth is gold , and no one should be wasting it too much on unnecessary things. Draw a line between realistic and negativity. No one can completely feel how you feel despite them putting themselves in your shoe, because it's not happening to them. They may think that you spread negativity, but the emotions are within us so therefore, it's just a reality to us.

Everyone have their own problems, and something that runs through their mind every single day. Just because we are living well, it doesn't mean that we're completely filled with happiness. There are still gaps in between them. We just ignore it and count our blessings. 

If you've allow yourself to go on with your daily routine every single day and do what you're supposed to do , you are doing a good job in living. Because this shows that you're able to weigh between something important. I know that there might be some people and some things that you can never get over. In fact, some things are better left this way and is not meant to be moving on from. 
Just like words. Words could only be forgiven and not forgotten. 

I know that sometimes you feel like a mess. In fact, I also feel like a mess all the time. I do get angry at myself, and hating how I can't do anything well. At one point, I feel like I'm good at nothing. We all feel lacking on certain days. 

But I can assure you that , even you feel like a mess in your best, you are still looking beautiful in that dress. 

cheers to june.