Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Make Up Hacks.

I am back with make up updates. The last time, I mentioned about products I use. So this time , I decided to tell you some make up hacks I have in my pocket which I've discover over the years. 

I am not particularly obsessed with full make up every single day , but I made sure that everytime I put them on - I must look very good. Because it'll be a waste of the products if I fail them. 

Below are a few tricks I have , and here I am to share with you  : -

1. Always apply concealer/foundation/primer before doing your eye make up. 

This action don't only even up your skin tone around your eye area. It also make your eyeliner and eyeshadow more long lasting. 

As for me, I would put my concealer and proceed to pat a little light translucent colour eyeshadow to enhance my eyes. I don't always contour my eyeshadows unless it's a dinner. On daily basis , I would pat the FOXY/ BOOTYCALL from Naked2 palette before my eyeliner.
( Naked 2 is awesome)

You would understand what I mean when you take pictures. It's magical. :D

2. Choose eyeliner that suits you.

Above are the different eyeliner. I have tried all of them and settled with a few that is suitable for me. As for my daily eyeliner which I urge to show simplicity, I would choose gel which is the fourth one on the picture. Sometimes I would use the last one which is also another kind of gel eyeliner. I think pen form eyeliners are easier to deal with. 

I would recommend beginner with pencil which is the second one. After you have master it, you could change to gel eyeliner. However, I do not like pencil because everytime I sharpen it, I would have the fear of hurting my eyelids. As for the third which is ink liner, it dried off too fast and this would require some skills. The first one, I only tried it once and I think it's too thick for asian lids. 

3. Make use of your eyeshadow palette. 

Please try to buy softer tone colours or colours that represent autumn. This would be a good use for everything. YES. EVERYTHING! 

I only have Naked 2 Palette eyeshadow and I think it's worth the price. Every girl should have a naked palette! And I'll blog about how do I use my naked palette the next time because this post is just about simple hacks. 

Ok, I'll reveal one of it. I often dab my eyebrows with the colours which matches with my eyebrow pencil's colour! This will make my eyebrow more long lasting. 

This is without dabbing eyeshadow on my eyebrows, you can see holes inbetween my eyebrows (wtf seriously), And there's nothing I can do about it because I'm outside. I would get all grumpy with my not-so-perf eyebrows and reject all pictures. 

This is where I dab it over my brows, showing soften tone and all of them blend together. Not to mention, it makes my brows look like it's perfectly groom. I never thought of doing eyebrow tattoo or 4D eyebrows because I think it's very difficult to maintain. I wouldn't want to wake up with no brows or purple ones when it wears off so no!

I think this is a good tip. 

4. Use a card when you put your mascara on.

I learn this from the make up guru, Michelle Phan. I think this is very helpful and sometimes, you don't even need to use the lash clippers anymore. This move is very useful for newbies. I also put the card at my lower lids to draw my lower lashes, if not, I'll use cotton buds. 

If you're too lazy for eyeliner that day, put on some mascara. 

5. Drip a few drips of contact lens solution into your dried off mascara tube. 

Mascara expired in 3 months time after your first use. However, Chanel's one could use up to 6 months. But if your mascara dries up quick or you forget to close the lid properly, this would be helpful. Do not fill up the whole tube but just a few drips. Close the lids and shake it, maybe turn around with the brush would help you to get it all back!

6. Use baby oil as make up remover .

I do not have any speciality products to remove my make up and I know that there's a lot of good make up remover outside. But nothing can compare to baby oil which is actually more effective. Wet half of your cotton and put a few drips on it. Your make up will be easily removed. With aloe vera and Vitamin E, they will prevent irritation on your skin and keep them completely cleanse and moisturise. 
Baby skin are way more thinner than ours, and this is their product. So you can see how good it is by using it. Also, always choose natural products instead of artificial ones. Perhaps the outcome may be good currently but it'll damage your skin in the long run. 

However, it would be a hassle to bring it on a trip so you can buy easily wipe off wipes. I still advice you to use baby oil though because it keeps my skin soft until now. 

These are a few make up hacks I have. I hope that it will help you if you're lost in this field. I wouldn't say that I'm an expert but I ensure that my skin are all protected and my make up goes well. I'm not perfect but my pictures has to be perfect.

till then.