Thursday, June 25, 2015

Comparison Bitterness.

Ever since young, we are told by our parents that we have to work hard to be better - at those times, it was only studies. Instead of giving motivational support by pointing out our strength, they seem to pick up our flaws to ignite our competitiveness. However often, it turns into sadness and guilt. Often times, we just feel not good enough to be their children because they do deserves something more. And comparison between us and someone else just make us feel less than we deserve.

That was only a typical example of being competitive and being compared all the time. 

Competitiveness is actually something healthy. It's good when it drives us to the way which lead us to be a better person. But being compared is just horrible. I hate being compared to someone else , no matter me being bad or better. I think everyone have their own way of dealing with things and they can travel their own distance. 

Sometimes, we do compare ourselves to someone who look up to or someone better than us. This is something very unhealthy to me. Because often, it will turn into bitterness or jealousy. And I don't want to feel bitter over someone's achievement and sulk at my own thoughts when I am the one doing nothing about it. It's ridiculous. 
People work hard for what they deserves and I do not think I deserve to be jealous over things they have. Also, comparing which leads to jealousy isn't making my current situation or how I feel any better. 

Words may still derive us from positive vibes , but lays within us to listen to negativity or lean towards the positive vibe.

Being jealous or bitter shows weaknesss. 
And often, you are only bitter when you have nothing good to offer.