Sunday, June 14, 2015

Souka Bake Shop.

This is definitely something hidden in SS15. Souka Bake Shop is a new place emphasizing on their coffees and desserts, mainly their cakes. They are actually have two branches which is at TTDI and SS15, where they held is as their main branch. Probably it is because they do all their baking here. 

Souka Bake Shop would be your perfect hideout from hectic work schedules on weekends.

Their menu on a reflecting mirror - Besides cakes and coffee, they do offer small bites which is perfect for teatime. 


One of their cozy corner which is perfect for a cup of coffee and a good book to read for your lazy afternoon.

mouth watering desserts they have.

I wished that I remember to take pictures of their non-chill cakes at the other side of the counter too. Trust me that , they offer so many varieties that you don't know where to start. 

Let's start with my caffeine fix ;

Hot Cappucino at RM 10;
They do not offer any coffee art however, it was a good cup of coffee. Also, they uses RGB Beans so you can ask the whereabouts and the barista will answer you throughout. However personally, I like my coffee thicker rather than more milk. 

Green Tea Latte at RM 11 
which was rather good , however it's still too sweet for my liking. It's very difficult to find good green tea latte and this place considered as a good cup. The texture should be improved as I like it smoother rather than the overwhelming foam. 

This is what we ended up order as our teatime . I just realized that the drinks matches up to our cakes. We wanted it light so definitely, there is no famous chocolate cake of theirs or cheesecake which I was dying to try. Not to mention that their lemon pie and banoffee which looks so mouth watering, oh god. 

There is a need to return soon. 

We ended up with Green Tea Sponge Cake and their Red Velvet which was at RM 10 respectively.
 The Green Tea Sponge cake was good . Their cream topping and inbetween the layers was soft and smooth, definitely much to my liking. It was a perfect combination with green tea latte. Definitely for matcha/green tea lovers. 
However, their red velvet was a little dry and there is not enough of my favourite cream cheese. This piece of cake is definitely not on par with Upstair's Cafe. 

The thickness of the cake was generous. One piece of cake is too much for a person, I would recommend it as a sharing portion. 


Definitely this place is the perfect place for you to spend your afternoon catching up and have a good cup of coffee. It's very difficult to find somewhere rather quiet and cozy to read a book and enjoy the music because this area is always busy. Sometimes, we just need sometime to getaway from the noises. 

And they have good playlist too - Coldplay and One Republic was on that day.

Will go back for cheesecakeee, yum.