Monday, March 30, 2015

Twenty One Grams.

I am very enthusiastic when it comes to cafe hopping. There are too many new ones in town, however not all of them are worth sharing. I've came across to this new place at PJ state - and infact, they approached me on insta first. I didn't have anymore on the list to visit, so I decided to give it a try. 

Twenty One Grams.

Definitely a place you will want to remember when you are around PJ ; because there are not many good coffee around PJ. 

The ceiling caught my attention upon arrival. 

It's so beautiful , and it reminds me a lot of aussie. Also, the interior designer deserves two thumbs up for this creativity which I never thought of. I love their concept of recycling, to save Mother Earth. 

Look at what are the materials used to make this area. I've been to many unique cafes but never once that have so much impact to me. Their 'recycle' concept is definitely something new , and one thing that people should remember of. I love how they promote brunch/coffee culture with an additional moral ethic that everyone should implant in ourselves.

Besides saving the earth, it's a very pretty background for pictures. This would be my favourite seat in the cafe!

A candid picture while listening to the owner explain their thoughts on Twenty One grams. Their whole idea is from Perth's coffee culture, Aussie. I've never heard of anyone mention about Perth when it comes to coffee ; they only remind me of Fish and Chips. 

Let's fix the caffeine addiction first;

Caramel Latte at RM11 ; Cappucino at RM10

Twenty One grams emphasize more on their Lattes.

 Cappucino is my favourite coffee. Unless other type of coffee is recommended, if not it will always be my choice - my loyalty game strong. Compare to other cafes, they keep their cappuccino basic without any coffee art. As girly as I sound, I was a little disappointed when there's no coffee art however, the coffee has made it all up. 

Latte at RM 10.

Chai Latte at RM12

There is three types of Latte which are very rare, because it is so difficult to find good ones around. Those three are Red Latte, Rose Latte and Chai Latte. Red and Rose Latte falls in the same category. 

As for Chai Latte , it will be 'all or nothing'.

They either taste awesome, or horrible. I've once tried Chai Latte randomly around the town, and I swear that I will never order it again in Malaysia. However, Twenty One Grams changed my mind. I swear that they serves a good worthy one. 

Chai Latte at it's best. 

Brioche French Toast at RM14.90

Pretty presentation by the lady chef. And from the picture, you could see how generous they are with their fruits. Their strawberries are really fresh and their bananas were right on point - I do not like it too raw. 

The french toast is fully soaked, however they did not make it overly soft. I like how the texture is - it's soft enough for the bread to absorb to be flavourful. The sweetness of the fruits accommodate the taste of the french toast perfectly. I do not like how one of them cover up each other with sweetness. It's so difficult to find balance whenever it comes to brioche french toast. 

This will be the perfect combination for tea time! :)

Pasta Marina at RM16.90

This would be the best pasta choices among the ones they offer. Their generosity on their seafood makes me happy. Their tomato cream sauce is blend with little minced meat . This pasta is very satisfying. If you're not craving for any brunch-like food, please order this plate of goodness.

The TOG Breakfast - RM21

This is the plate of big breakfast they offer. Their bread may look ordinary, but it's homemade.  

Also, you can customized your own breakfast by choosing through the availability of food they have on their menu. This give you a chance to have your breakfast the way you like. 

Compare to this, I'll love to their out their speciality based on their recommendation. I believe that every place have their selling point. 

There is no need to crack your head to think what to have before your coffee break because this place serves everything. From Brunch type of food to coffee, pasta, burger, sandwiches and even desserts ( which I am dying to try). All their bread and cakes are made by themselves. 

Their originality also something very captivating along with their recycled idea. 

Their concept is already good, and their food made it up to point. Not to mention that, their prices are really reasonable with the portion they serve. 

If you are not up for food and just want a simple break from your hectic day, their coffee and environment definitely will make up to this. Their interior is very comfortable. Though it looks more complicated in pictures, but in reality, they give you comfort. 

A cup of chai latte, a slice of cake or a bowl of soup , with their cosy and comfortable environment together with the playlist on point. It would be better if it's raining outside because we are allow to see outside since it's glass. 
Tell me your definition of heaven, when I just told you mine with Twenty One Grams. 

Also, it screams instaworthy with every corner.

I can't wait to try out the other things they offer on the menu. I would really love to try out the classic cheeseburger because they are served with charcoal bun. Not to mention their churros for dessert.

Also another bonus;

Definitely something that I need to share! :p

So, do you want to have cheeseburger with me? 


7, Jalan 52/16, PJ Newtown, 
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7931 6407
Opening hourse : 10am-11pm ( Close on Mondays)