Sunday, March 1, 2015

Le Midi

It has been a while since I put on bright red lipsticks. The one I am having on is , 3CE Lip Lacquer which lasts amazingly long. However, this colour is too much for everyday use because its the scary kind of red - probably the best for halloween. I was trying to pull off  the complete badass look for my Lazy Oaf dress which I have been eyeing for awhile. I think a thing for comic print tight dresses.

This is when I'm stuck in the jam, right before the sunsets.

This make up is too strong for anyone to handle, however I love the whole badass vibe I had that night. 

Definitely, it's something not suitable for fine dining. 

Last minute plan never work out , especially when you want to dine in good places. However, we managed to fine a good rating restaurant in BSC. 

We settled down for Le Midi since they serve both French-Italian , and their chef also fusion them together. I've only been here for their set lunch which was pretty affordable. Well, they are famous for their jellyfish in aquarium . 

Unfortunately, it died. wtf. 

I was so disappointed because they are pretty. Well, they told me that they are importing them in again lol. So I guess the jellyfish is back in Le Midi. 

The chandelier reflects on my face :(

They serve course set s and ala carte. Being a indecisive person of what I want ( I want every single thing on the menu lol) , I chose to take the course set. Well, actually most of us chose to take the course set. 

4 course set dinner menu for RM168++ ;
they have two choices available , either in French or Italian. 

I always prefer Italian over French, so Italian it is. 

What is fine dining without wine :)

My choice of Starter is ,
Buffalo mozzarella cheese and organic tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil and basil .

Wow, long title lol.

The other choice was Fresh Caprese Salad. 

Definitely not gonna give up on mozzarella cheese over salad. The cheese were fresh and I really love this combination , with tomato. Instead of making me feel stuffed , the tomato actually opened up my appetite. They blend the basil with olive oil, which made me really happy because I don't like basil. 

For entree,
Homemade fettuccine with oxtail slow braised ragout Roman style

The texture of fettuccine is different from the ones which you have outside. The fettuccine is rich in eggs - definitely better than those you can simply find anywhere that tasted like rubberband if it's not done well. I like my pasta slightly softer , and the texture was in between which is just right. I will give credit to the amount of hearty toppings which consist of sprinkled cheese and meat. 

To be honest, 
I was already a little filled when I finish my entree. 

The portion were nice. 

For the main ,
Pan seared black Angus  rib eye with Mediterranean seasoning  served with rocket salad Parmesan cheese and balsamic reduction

I had mine in Medium because sometimes medium rare is too raw for me to handle. As chinese as it sounds, I cannot take my food too raw especially when it comes to meat. The only raw thing I take is probably sashimi. The rib eye was just nice , and I honestly expected a little bit more. It was not exactly bad but there is nothing much to get hyped about. However, their sauce played a huge role in saving the meat texture. 

And my favourite for the night,

Tiramisu , to the end night with something sweet. 

I am already so filled but I need my dessert to be on the table as quick as possible. Their tiramisu is really good. I love how soft their tiramisu is.

This whole Italian set is satisfying. Besides the hearty portion, they make up with each flaws they have in the dish. However, I wish that their waitress are more attentive to us. To be honest, we are the only one who linger around besides two other tables which I believe to order from the ala carte menu only , it was very quiet. I was expecting more in the service they offer for the price we pay and the venue they are located at. 

Either way, 
the food was good.

One friend of mine ordered French menu which was just fine. However, Foie Gras as the starter is definitely giving the whole menu two thumbs up. French Menu is definitely for light diners. If I were to return, I'll try the French Menu.

Let me end the post with this,

The Chandelier is still reflecting, ughhhh.