Friday, March 13, 2015

The city I fell in love with.

How many post I have for Melbourne in my drafts actually? 

Out of no where , I keep finding them - and eventually missing them out while wanting to share the latest things I've done. Sometimes we do focus too much on the present , and left some things undone in the past. I guess, I wouldn't want all the editing to go to waste. I really spent a lot of time editing and arranging my pictures. I was really enthusiastic to update about my whole trip because I had a lot of fun. 

The whole day was really chill. I totally hate plans that are all packed up in one day , that I have to rush to meet up with everything that are on the list. The whole day was about leisure ; and my mood was really good because it's really relaxing. I won't even think about walking in Malaysia but with everything over there, it was all good. 

It was about cafe hopping , having good food and not to mention - tourist shots around this beautiful city. 

We spent our late afternoon at Yarra River , because I want to sit in this chilly weather until the sun sets. 

I don't know why am I awkward at that point because I have been doing this since forever, lol. 

Look at the beautiful background with the bridge and Flinders train station, 

I really wonder how much I weighed back then. I am all bloated. These pictures are also a reminder for me to keep my weight in check. 

Just by looking at the pictures makes me happy. I still remember how I felt at the moment. The whole trip was really chilled and relaxing. The environment is totally different compare to home. Perhaps it was just ten days , that's why I didn't feel any homesick. Or maybe, I have been seeing familiar faces around - that's why it feels a lot like home. It feels like all of us are on a vacation together , which was really good.

The weather turned a little bit more colder as it's close to sunset. There is a lot of bar by the river - probably the whole street alongside Yarra River. So I chose the one with live band. 

It was full house, and her voice was amazing. 

I always love how they change the original genre of the songs to R&B. I like all slow , and calming. 

Comfort food in such chilly weather. I chose alcohol over juice and coffee. The coffee culture in Melb had me all hooked up that I drink coffee every single day. Juice would make me feel colder so definitely a no. #excuses 

I don't know what wine was that because I wasn't the one who ordered it. I raise my brows looking at the colour of the wine whom I had never encounter. Definitely not rose wine either ; but it didn't taste bad. Will definitely prefer white wine over that. It's just weird that the wine tasted a little more spicy.

The live band ends as dinner time arrives. We waited till sun set and the others whom signed up for packages. I am not going to take a 4 hour bus ride to somewhere to look at stones. 

We went in Crown casino. I don't have the habit of gambling. I didn't even exchange any chips to try. My ahma told me that it's a horrible habit so she always forbid us to learn any games relating to money. Well, we grow up. I only gamble during CNY. Also, Aussie dollar is expensive lol. 

awkward tourist shot with the sign, lol. 


the streets by the side are so pretty. Lights hanging around the trees with soft music playing in the bar at the side. People walking , laughing together. The reflection of the bridge on the surface of the river - it makes me feel like I'm living in a romance novel. 

Probably not the best picture I've took but, I remember how happy I was so it should be up. lol.

Waited for the rest, and finally have dinner. I can say that I've try almost all kinds of cuisine in Melb except for chinese which is ridiculously expensive. That day, we went for chinese. 

Quanjude , which is famous for their Peking Duck. 

I can't deny how good the Peking Duck is. I heard that it's originally from China and they have a five floor story building restaurant which is full house everynight. We order a few more dishes to go along with our rice , having the normal chinese dinner we usually have. I think its really overprice. 

I can't get over that the boys agreed to pay 30aud (RM80++) for a plate of vegetables . Oh god, this is really very luxurious - more expensive than fine dining in most places. 

As stupid as this sounds, I really love their utensils which reminds me of chinese emperors. I felt like a king, and also - the price was definitely for Kings only. Throwing all that away, it was a great dinner. 

After dinner, we went over to Koko Black. It was a pity that we were a little late, unable to sit down to have their chocolate dessert. I am never a fan of chocolate but I liked this drink - because they remind me of chocolate milkshake which strays closer to the taste of milk. It was rather fattening to have scoops of chocolate ice cream blending in the drink. 

Their chocolates are not cheap, and is said to be in premium ingredients. 

We had to take away, but it was still good. Around 8.50aud per cup for their iced chocolate which is highly recommended to us from my melb friends. 

How many awkward tourist shots I've took that day?

This post gives so nostalgic. I think I am missing this city more than I thought. 

Perhaps I am a little more emotional today , or filled with feelings. A throwback post definitely remind me of memories that I never thought that I'll cherish. It reminds me of how I feel that time, and how much I have also been missing out at that point. I don't only regard this to this trip , and also to the times where I suddenly thought of something - maybe, just a random memory out of no where. 

Taking pictures is now essential. Pictures last , and things would change. Leaving evidence of happiness is really important ; because it reminds you that it really did happen before. 

Take more pictures , capture that feeling. 

God, I miss this city and everything that happened in it. 

Well, good things comes to an end. 

goodnight, loves.