Friday, August 1, 2014

Ecole P.

Messy hair and bareface - I know that this is really disrespectful since I present the most original of me to you. This visit was impromptu thus, I didn't really plan to dress up or anything. It's right after my classes , since it's the last day of revision before our one month study break.

And I always say that when I am in school.

lol, I never do my homework unless it involves coursework marks. 

Despite me looking horrendous, I still need to get this up on my page because I like how this cafe has put in effort in the theme, bringing back memories from school.

I'm pretty sure, they are already famous with the theme of school. 

They decorate the walls by hanging blackboards , and having the tables that you could find in school. 

My school don't use wooden tables, so I'm not sure because I studied in private school. So I was pretty fascinated how much effort they have put it in every details. My friends was amazed by it, and I think the whole concept is really great. 

Snacks that is normally sold outside school. They are all hang around the motorbike, and the person would grab whatever we want from the plastic bags for us - which is always snacks. This definitely bring back those days when I'm in primary school because I always buy them right after school , before I follow my bus back home. 

They use exercise book as menu. Look at they list down 'today's speacial' on the notepad. 

Menu of the day ; for set lunch.

The pencil case and bag , we often carry to school. I remember how proud I felt when daddy buy me metal pencil case , and how noisy it is to open up to just take a pen. 

Now, they use it to keep the cutleries. This is so creative! I was so amazed by it , omgggg.

And the food are presented with plastic cups or mugs , which is those that they usually serve in kid's meal. I know it looks so unglam and everything, but it matches the theme really well.

This is the lunch set ;

Pumpkin soup, which was amazingly yummy. 

Dory Fish with Asparagus. 

House Paste with lots of lots of mushroom! 

I'm surprised that the cabonara based was mild , and not to creamy. I don't like it when the sauce is too thick. So this is just good. The additional marks is given cos's of the generous amount of mushroom given.

Big Breakfast. 

Ketchup Bean under the bun. 

This dish was rather disappointing for RM24.90 due to the bread they give because it's not soft enough. They didn't use a good butter tho so it overall tasted pretty weird. But the beans was surprisingly nice. Eggs was too watery as water was used instead of milk. 

I have a thing for scrambled eggs. 

Chicken chop which was as cripsy as asdfghjkl.

Andrew was happy with it!

Fried rice and fried chicken - fried everything lol.

Didn't get a bite , but it was good. 

Coke in a bottle, always add marks.


Ecole P is also famous for their drinks with Cartoon Characters. They have names like Sailormoon, Digimon and etc.

I ordered Pokeman which was passion fruit mixed with some other things. The texture was a little rough but bearable. It was nice. They put it in a plastic , like how we used to tapao our drinks. Now, we can only find this in mamak because normal shops offer it in paper cups. 

Yixin and I. 

They have props for us to camwhore with too. 

God, what is the owner thinking? Because he/she has fulfill all the needs for us to blog about!

Ask my highschool friends , how many times I've said it. 

I would recommend you to visit this place for the unique theme. Even if it isn't much a hoo-haa for the food, the theme and creativity deserves the attention. 

Please try Sailormoon and tell me if it's nice, okay?