Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In HKD #2

I'm back to my hongkong trip after editing a few pictures. I'm blessed that I have alot of pictures on the second day itself because after that day, the vibe just go away so not much photos are taken. I didn't want to put on so much make up so I didn't camwhore alot either. What's nice is , we have dslr this time round and every picture make a huge difference. Depending on iphone4s is not enough. 

We wake up around 7 in the morn' or later and get ready for the whole day out. It's nice not going with the tour because everything is flexible. I'd suggest that if you're going on a trip with your friends , you will have the circle small and made sure that everyone have the common things to do. Going with too many people isn't good tho. Or maybe, I'm just a loner by myself . 

Tourist picture in the train station ;

I just wanted to check how my black & gold outfit goes.

Does it give you a tingling feeling?

It screams , good morning hongkong! 

This is so totally hongkong movie style. Even the McD seems vintage being located below the flats people stay. They normally stay in flats/apartments as the space is limited in hongkong. Not to mention, their lifestyle is pretty high. I really don't know how a big family live in such limited space with one toilet only.

We are here to get some typical hongkong breakfast! If I'm not wrong, this is at Mongkok and the rating is pretty high. The people in this shop is the friendliest among all the other shops we went in to fill up our stomach.

I'm really excited to show you the food!

This is called ' ZHA LEONG' in hong kong. 

I think it's the skin of chee cheong fun wrapped with yau char koey instead. I swear it taste damn good. I am certain that we can't find this in Malaysia. I don't think one person should finish this because it's quite a big portion and of course, it's fattening. 

It deserve to be up here twice, because I am amaze by it. 


Porridge with century eggs and slight meat , which is one of typical Chinese food. Have I mention that I love porridge? It's feeling and not too heavy . Besides that, it makes me feel less guilty compare to eating rice. The amount the give is more than generous.

Fried mee , which taste really nice mixing with porridge. Not disgusting, I swear!

We also order yau char koay and soya bean , which is one of the most favorite combination for breakfast over there. 

You don't know how much we ordered , and we are dead full. I never knew that this kind of breakfast in such chilly weather give me another kind of satisfaction. I don't think I would like to cramp in a shop like this in Malaysia. I'll spend more time wiping my sweat , complaining how hot is it than enjoying my food. 


You're probably not interested in me 


say Hi to Bernice seducin you with her chopstick , lol.

And after this good meal, we went outside and enjoy the hongkong breeze again. I really love the weather there - it's around 13-17 degress . It's just right.

And some street shots for ootd cos' I'm a tourist! 


and ,

I think this picture of me and KW is good. 

What a good morning for day2 ! 

Can't wait to throwback more :)