Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lounge on the Park .

What do you think about me in white lace?

This is the first white lace dress I bought and feeling good about it. I used to hate plain colours and hated tshirts but look at me now , dressing up as black as dull as ever. I've bought so many tshirts , especially oversized ones - it's beyond comfy. 

White lace represent pure, dreamy and fairytale.

I could say that I am nothing close to white, and of course not exactly towards black. I like bright colours , typically neon but nowadays I don't buy such bright colours anymore. One of the reason is, people would easily recognize it and wouldn't be able to repeat it. Oh well ~

On a friday , my friends and I decided to go for afternoon tea. I can't say it as my girls because there's one dude tagging along. I wanted to try Ritz Carlton but I accidentally say Mandarin Oriental , so Bernice booked Mandarin Oriental. 

We ordered a Christmas themed set and the normal set which is available , each of the set cost RM 78++ . To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed when I see the amount of goods they serve and there's nothing special towards the taste side. It's only presentable. We ordered two sets for 5 person which is enough because I don't really like most of the cakes they serve. The scones isn't as good as the ones in Majestic.
they do have great teas. They have different kind of tea and I choose the typical Early Grey to play safe. But, I like Jacinth's choice of blackcurrant and hibiscus tea. I know it sound really weird that you add hibiscus ( our national flower) in a tea. Surprisingly, it's really smooth and sweet. It's totally a girl thing. Instead of pouring from my own pot, I took hers. I swear patriotism did something good sometimes, lol. 

I love how fairytale like this picture is. 

It's so difficult to give people this white side of me when you can only think of neon yellow or red when you see my face. 

So I need to camwhore more. 

Hey Jac.

I also do natural based make up with thin eyeliner and draw my waterline below my lids. Also, I used lip gloss instead of bright colours which I always use. 

What do you think?

Being in such pretty ambiance and nice outfits , we need to CAMWHORE more- LIKE MORE MORE MORE. 

Hey, to Bernice.


It's funny how our outfit goes, and how contradict it is.

Elegant Black to Classy White , to Vintage Navy Polka Dot and Basic Stripes .

We have almost filled up all the themes for fashion. It's really amusing about how everyone's outfit always contrast. It's nice because we will never clash outfits. 

And here is my ootd with the pretty Christmas decorations they have in the hotel ;

Loving how the cut out at the back. 

No way that I will buy a white lace dress which covers up everything. I don't want to look all pure and innocent. It's not I'm hating on people who look like that, but to me it's just a disguise to fit in the society. I don't know how it works in them but I think pretending is totally tiring and stupid. But then, being too straight forward is not good either. 
I don't know. What do you think?

Okay, that's deep. 


Black x White.

Why our outfit forever contrast?

Group pic to sum up the day.

I can't wait for the next. 

I'll just give Mandarin Oriental the score of 6/10 . Well, that's my personal opinion. You can always try out .