Thursday, December 12, 2013

In HKD #1

Every year end, I would like to treat myself to go on a vacation with friends. Last year is bangkok , this year we all settle down on Hongkong instead. I'd never been to hong kong and I'm looking forward to the very chinese culture I'm watching on TVB which is not disappointing at all despite the people there are honestly rude. I still couldn't accept the fact that the waiter or attendants raise their voice or use sarcasm while talking to their customers. I think it's very important in manners in service field. I definitely wouldn't want to pay for a good meal with bad service which ruin my mood for the whole day. Even if I didn't get them , I still don't like seeing them doing it to other people. 

That isn't important right now because I should conclude my thoughts at the end of the posts of this vacation. 

Our plane depart at 1pm or so , and reach hongkong around 430pm or so. 

I spend an hour to read in the plane , camwhoring , laughing at KW disturbing others and look out of the window. I really love sitting at the window side in the plane. Sadly, we didn't depart at night if not the view will be magnificent. 

By the time we reach the airport and settled with our inquiries and luggages , the sky is already turning dark although it's only like 5/6pm. It's winter in HK so the night tend to come faster. 


The weather was much warmer than I thought , around 19 degrees. I actually walk around with short sleeves on , thinking why are the people wearing wool and super thick trenchcoat when the weather is actually bearable. I did eat my words up when the wind blows , other than that I think I could take the cold. A cardigan would be good enough with my outfit but I'm too lazy to take it from my luggage. 

We went to the apartment we rend on AirBNB in Jordan , as they claimed that it's a strategic place. We did took sometime to find it but it wasn't that bad because we do not have the hot sun, like we have in Malaysia. The apartment is pretty small but really clean and tidy. Not to mention we only need to pay around RM 600++ a night for 6 of us in that apartment , which is a whole lot cheaper than staying in the hotel. It's pretty worth it , I could say. 

By the time we are done with this, our stomach is already growling so we walk down the streets to feel the vibe of hongkong which makes me pretty overwhelming - and of course, hunt for dinner. I really love walking on the streets in a foreign country , looking at the people, feeling the breeze. It's really telling me that, I am on a vacation in a different country. 

Pretty lights .

And we settle down for typical hongkong wantan mee ,

Like they say , their food is really pricey. 

I was surprised that their wantan mee is not with black sauce. I order a basic one , with dumplings instead of wantan because I think it's more worth it with dumplings wtf. Personally, I think that wantan mee in Malaysia taste better because I don't really like the " Dan Ga" texture of the mee in hk. I thought it would be tasteless , but really - it's good. The dumplings is totally different from the ones you could find here . I could say that 40HKD was actually pretty worth it. But, I didn't finish the mee because I have to leave room for the others.

Almost immediately after that , we went to look for steamed milk which I am eager to try .

I chose the hot one with ginger based , and's really nice. I don't even want to share with anyone else or let them have a taste of mine because it's really nice. The texture is really smooth. 

If you guys are visiting hongkong, please try this.

And #foreverfat, I bought " Kai Dan Zai" which is pretty familiar to you guys whom watch TVB series. I only had half because I'm too bloated from the food I mentioned above . The duration of us eating these is less than 3 hours. We could really eat, I swear.


But Bernice say that, it's not the best tho.

It was pretty late after all these food hunt and walking around. It's really good being in another place with someone else , even if it feels more comfortable with your family ( because fam pays everything for you and you don't need to look at price :D ) . We go back really soon and have a good rest for the next day.

And lastly, your favorite ootd shot. In this case, I should call it airport fashion hahahaha.

J's on my feet .

till then.