Monday, December 23, 2013

In HKD #3

Hong Kong is all about shopping , thus they have many nice malls which is located side by side. I don't really remember which shopping mall it is , but it's near Avenue of Stars. And to your delight, this post have more scenery and decorations views compared to my face. Besides that, it's so difficult to take such artistic pictures. We do have pretty Christmas decorations in Malaysia but the one I see in HK was far better - definitely a lot of money spent on that. I love how strong the Christmas vibe is , in Hong Kong.

This is so artistic , no ?

Group pictures with pretty Christmas deco :)

I believe that I've mention how much I love lights hanging around the ceiling. I really like people who put effort on little details . As you can see from the picture, they even designed the whole hallway about Disney cartoons with Christmas themed on the red carpet. 

Before this, look at me first . lol.

My awkward smile and crooked eye .

I took alot of little details of the pretty decorations. They are really pretty. 

I am not a Christian but Christmas is definitely one of the most favorite celebration of the year.Everyone loves December. It's a month where you start to recap what you had done the whole year , having holidays and spend sometime with the people who matter the most in your life. I'm pretty blessed that I am in HK where the weather is slightly chilly. I'd wish Malaysia have four seasons tho - with the winter just like HK , not the ones with crazy snow storm.

Our group photos are always better in selfies. 

And more pictures when the sun starting to set . It was breathtaking.

God, I miss this so much. It's really beautiful

Have I mention that alot of luxury brands in HK is huge. They often have more than one floor, or just hog up the whole building. 

I'm not a Tiff&Co girl , I'd prefer something less girly haha.

1891 Heritage hotel with a few high end branded shops. It's so beautiful. It would be perfect for a wedding photoshoot. 

We spent the whole day walking and really, the boys do alot more shopping than girls. I am so glad that girl's clothing are cheaper than the boys. Thank goodness for the cute dresses with affordable price from blogshops . 

Even if shopping is addicting , we need to keep the growling stomach quiet.

Picked a typical " Char Chan Teng" to search for locality . KimGary and Wong Kok is not enough, I swear.

Why the char siew taste so much better in HK?!?!!


Goose Rice which we could hardly find in Malaysia .

Tomato sauce based spaghetti .

I can't believe I used chopsticks to eat spaghetti which is rather weird. 

After dinner, we lifelessly stroll around the streets. I really love the streets in HK - with pretty huge lights to attract attention , not to mention the chilly weather. I'd prefer to stay at home for aircon back home. 

Loving this group picture so much.

And then we head to Victoria Harbor which I requested as a part of itinerary of this trip. 

This is so overwhelming . 


I almost freeze to death, sitting by the side but it was all worth it. Night view calms me down in a way , and makes me think about a lot of things. 

I think this is one of the place where everyone should visit when they are in HK. 

The beauty is beyond words.

And ,
I'll end this post with a blur group picture taken by some random guy we asked on the street.