Saturday, December 14, 2013

Renoma Cafe Gallery.

I spend more than a little while to sort out all my pictures , and now they are finally all up. I need sometime to get my hong kong pictures from everyone so I need to cut post inbetween. It's nice that if I don't have anything to blog about, I could blog about my vacation in hong kong. 

So the other day ,  around a week I came back from my vacation - Jacinth and I went to Renoma Gallery Cafe for their Christmas themed afternoon tea. It was raining and I woke up late . What worse is, WAZE actually fail on us bringing us to the jam in KL making both of us scrunching up our face . It didn't matter , as long as we get there.

This is the menu . 

I was trying out my camera because my phone camera is actually dying.

What makes December one of my favorite month of the year is , pretty Christmas decorations. I love how romantic and festive the ambiance is. The best is, the surrounding is actually quiet enough. I really love lights and stuff ( if you get what I mean) .

This picture is so artistic .

It's really nice that they have vintage pictures or old furniture by the side to bring out the overall feeling.

The set looks little and small, but we didn't finish it. It's funny how both of our appetite get smaller each day. We see each other almost every single day, and it's crazy.

The chocolate cake was a no-no for us because we both don't like chocolate. The macaroon is good but it's nothing to the Pierre Herme Bernice bought for me in HK. The others was a so so. The scones is really feeling tho.

As usual , I order cappucino to fix my caffeine addict.  

I was so kiasu that I want a picture with the Christmas tree. It looks more prettier for instagram. I swear that everyday I only find reasons to take pictures. 

I'm pretty annoyed how I look mean when I don't smile. #naturalbitchface problems.

I really like this place because of how beautiful the interior is. It's pretty pricey and only good enough for occasions if you're planning to have dinner. For afternoon tea and lunch, it would be perfect. I wish the staff there would attend us more quickly or work with our request better. 

I really love spending my afternoon with one of my girlfriends , with a cup of good coffee and quiet ambiance. I never fancy big outings because it will get damn messy and noisy. 

Till then.