Thursday, August 20, 2015

Huckleberry Food and Fare.

I've finally came across a worthy brunch place to share after so long. I will definitely head out for brunch during the weekends - and often, I do it on Sunday. Well, Sundays will always be the day where you lay back and relax.

I've visited Huckleberry Food and Fare located at Plaza Damansara - which is a new area for me because I had never been to that area. I just find out that there are also good restaurants around which I yet to try. 
 This place is so yummy that I went back twice.

They are famous for their handmade breads. There are alot of people dropping by the cafe just to buy breads.

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They are all white on the outside and have little details with their interior. I love how everything is minimal in colour - using the basic tones like black, white and grey. It makes me comfortable compare to striking colours which are eye-catching. 
Their playlist didn't really matter me because it was very busy so I could hear everyone talking. Definitely not a place for you to sit down and listen to good music while sipping on coffee - however, their food was really goooood!

Mocha at RM10.90

It was good because it's thick enough! Not to mention that, they make their drinks extra hot.

Long Black at RM6.90

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Since they are famous for their pastries , I ordered one of their classics to share -

Sticky Bread at RM6.90

Definitely a huge portion. I love how the nuts and caramel melted on top of the thick toast. The middle part is soft and the sides are crunchy. It's not too sweet at the same time, which was good. It is very filling. 

This might be one of your first choice - I really love it.

As I've mentioned, they are famous for their artisan breads. Therefore, most of the items on their menu relates to toasts/breads etc. They do offer pastas and granolas . However, I will play on the safe side and just try their classics. 

Salt Beef Sandwich at RM32.90

Probably one of the most expensive choice on the menu. However, the portion that comes with the price are so worthy. You have a choice of choosing rye caraway bread or normal bread. Well, we settled for a normal bread because we don't want the attention to stray away from the beef. The perfectly brined beef brisket was thick and hearty in portion which you can see with english mustard and pickles. I love this dish a lot. 

I'm not kidding. The portion is big. 

Chillie Cheese Toast at RM13.90

In-trend open sandwich topped with sambal relish with a perfect fried egg. I cannot explain how good it taste because at one point, I felt that it tasted a little weird. This is a fusion of my favourite sambal on a piece of toast. I would recommend it if you want to try something different. 
I would actually order this the next time I go back. 

Banana French Toast at RM24.90

The waiter told me that this is one of their proudest creation. Custard-dipped Brioche ( I love my toast to be prepared this way) which is sweet and superbly moist, topped with organic honey and toasted walnuts with banana. I prefer them to serve it this way, rather that caramelized the banana. 

This is a sharing portion. Also, you can have this for dessert if you come in a group more than three. 

My choice of main.

All eyes on chillie toast!

And of course, 
more food!

I wouldn't stop just like that! 

Spinach Sandwich at RM 18.90

Homemade rye bread with spinach and cheese inbetween. Thumbs up if you are a vegan. 

Egg Benedicts at RM 19

Typical brunch item - with salmon, egg and hollandaise sauce. You have choices of bread to be served as your base which is Multigrain Bread & Miche Sourdough . I chose Miche Sourdough because I want my bread to be crunchy. If you like your bread softer, you can go with Multigrain or their Milk (basic ) bread. 
However, I believe that you can find better Eggs Benedict somewhere else.

I give extra credits on the Omega3 egg which is on point.

I believe that this will rated as one of the best brunch in town. 

And let me end this post with my as usual b/w ootd -
because I don't want it to be just all about the food lol.