Saturday, December 28, 2013

Guilty craves.

I really dislike it when I have a craving for something. This means that, I am talking about food. As you know that I have been trying so hard to lose weight , and I certainly don't want to gain them back in a short time. Compare to last time, I have lose my enthusiasm in exercising. So I go to the gym less , and after that I lose all my motivation. I do visit the gym but not as often as I should be going. I do feel guilty - definitely depressed when I stand on the weighing machine but at one point , I just let it all loose. Maybe I'm tired of losing weight. 
And it's really bad that I am craving for burger when I don't even do cardio. 

But in the end, 
I still visit burger lab TT

Just look at the cheese, peanut butter and jam filling. It taste so damnnnn gooooood. 

This is Jammin on Elvis , and I recommend this. It might not be on the menu so you can just tell them this is your choice. I don't know how the secret menu works , but JS recommend me this and it's really yummy. I always regret ordering a set because I don't really like how the fries goes. I can't finish the whole set tho. 

I think that the OUG branch is a better choice compare to their main branch at Seapark. We might need to queue , to just order and find seats. But, the branch in OUG don't literally chase people away. I still want to sit there after I finish my burger, and refill my drink ok?!?! asdfghjkl  . 

This is too much. 

I feel like dying by just finishing one. How on earth could - ... oh well.

Happy me and burger 

ps now, all the guilt comes. 

This me holding my burger and kevan showing his finished food still feeling hungry. 

Somehow, I love how our expression are. I look ridiculously happy and Kevan always look so damn adorable when he is doing expression for camera. Sad that he is going back to UK soon. Not to mention that, this is the first time he have burger lab and ate two in one night. 

Oh well, 
what's your craving now?