Saturday, July 27, 2013

Promises just like unicorns.

It was the busy day though. 

I woke up early just to have a bimbo date with my bitch who have just returned from the UK. You know , our meeting up is like an annual thing. It's quite sad that she isn't returning for summer next year and god knows how long it's gonna be till the next time I see her.

So we talk about doing our hair tgt in the saloon over whatsapp last year to do our hair together.

So, we settled down in Thomas & Guys as Ridz Okumura booking is full at that moment. I was too late and I desperately need to touch up on my hair. 

You don't know how obsessed am I with my hair colour. 

My best friend is not cute , I swear. -.-

Then we went home and lie on my bed, roll three rounds first before proceed to dress up for our dinner. The weather was so terrible but it natural lightning




I hate how they curl my hair TT

We even have an album in facebook, just for the both of us. 

We take way too much pictures .________________.

One of the most normal picture even if my eyebag is ruining it.

Leopard x Floral prints.


White Forest cake from Fahrenheit 600, publika. 

Still not a fan of chocolate though.

See how screwed up my hair is.

I look so old with this hair and my hair is short enough already TT

Us girls for XiuMing's birthday .

Dine in at Silver Spoon for the night :)

Must have rainbow cake for all of our birthday for last year being a teen :)

It was a great day, after all.

Pictures speak better than words , no?

till then.