Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ben's with candlelights.

more coffee pictures and place to recommend you guys!

Just so you know I woke up really late in the day, so I always have to missed break/lunch/brunch or whatever it is called. My first meal is around tea time and , coffee is just so important to me. 

That day, my sister & I head to KLCC since she wanted to go kinokunya. I never read books or anything that have to do with books besides magazines and if I have a choice not to study for exam through books, I'll never touch them. So, I never understand how my sister enjoys holding a story book and sipping onto a cup of drink. 

I'll prefer to camwhore and to instagram , wtf.

KLCC is forever packed but I was dead hungry. 

We settled down at BEN's .

I think this outlet at KLCC is so much better than the pavillion one. It's more comfortable and romantic :)

And I just have to post all the coffee pictures I took with my iphone4s. TOO STINGY FOR IPHONE 5 wtf. 

#nofilter one ok!


Ah, coffee art :)

I was listening to the waiter telling me about some changes in my orders . Look at the back... I didn't realized my bag fell off, fml .

Chicken Pie with mushroom.

I think it's worth a try. I shared it with my sister though. Even if it looks small but it's really feeling.



I present you the WORST bread pudding I have ever eaten.

I seriously think that this is gonna spoil the whole menu in Ben's . It's not the first time I dine in a Ben's but I have never tried bread pudding and it's my worst decision ever.

I somemore snap the picture with the milk all over, imagining how yummy it is gonna be before I even taste it.

My face was like -.- when I took the first bite. My sister was whining about me ordering other stuff. She suggested cakes instead of this .

But overall it was good, especially the ambiance .

Candlelight setting making it more romantic and relax.

And by the time, we finished our 'tea' - it's already 730pm . There's a no way that we would want to have dinner. So, we actually tried to walk from KLCC to pavillion using the new bridge. It took us around 15 minutes and I swear, it's one of the best exercise ever. It is not that far that you imagine because they have aircond and securities in the bridge so I don't think anyone would want to rob you there , lol. 

It's good to go to two place in such a short time. :)


Cos, I wasn't ready.

I think Ben's is good and the price is reasonable :) Go try everything EXCEPT for the bread pudding :)