Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Because , words hurt.

I am not sure since when I have started to realized that being too blunt is a bad thing. But I'm pretty sure that I don't want people to hurt me by speaking things that I don't desire about myself. I respect it when they do tell me what is wrong and how things are not supposed to be . I respect people who actually bothers to tell the true even if it's hard to. 

But I think that before somebody decides to say something about another person,
they should at least think twice or maybe put themselves into other people's shoe .
words do kill sometimes.

It's good to be true , speaking bluntly and expressing what you think without faking.

But what if you realize that what you just say casually actually killed somebody on the inside?

Is it that good to be true?

You don't live alone in this world so think twice before speaking.