Monday, July 29, 2013

Falling in love.

Falling in love is like giving your everything to someone else - your attention , your time , your mind , your soul and your happiness.

The feeling of your heart race fast , butterflies in your stomach and your cheeks turn red when you are around someone is a sign to let you know that , that person is the one who could held you up and pull you down.

& this feeling is so powerful that it could change you to someone that you don't know.

It's like you could put down your ego , self-respect , dignity to do everything and anything to please them, because you love them. You could give so much and expect so much in return because that is how far and how much you could go for them.

& when they break your heart, you help them to find a reason to convince yourself that it was just all a mistake when you clearly know that you are lying to yourself.

It's just amazing how all these could make one person give so much and nothing in return.

Even you're broken, you are still expecting , hoping and waiting even if you know it might never happen.

I am not a girl who believes in fairytale and never go all hoping and wishing over a shooting star or 11:11 for something because I think it's stupid , it's childish. But right now, it seemed like all of these childish thing is the only hope I could rely on.

For the ever first time , I wished  - for you.

And all the reason behind these changes , is you. It have always been you.

I put my hands together and wished that , hoping that someday I would be good enough for you to fall in love with me.