Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Everything in Paradise.

That day we decided to have a reunion before CK fly back to Melb. 

I can't believe I called this a reunion because we could easily see each other so often. It's sad how everyone is leaving. And I'm pretty sure many things would change after they leave to another country. I think the different lifestyles would bring up a different topic and perspective about life and I am pretty sure that everyone who left overseas would change when they are back home. 

& I'd prefer it to be a good change.

All this toilet mirror pictures.

I need them up here because I don't have much words to say.

We have dinner at Hokkaido Ichiba at The Gardens mall. 

And ,

This is my favorite ramen since forever. 

Miso Ramen.

Everytime I visit this place , this is the only thing that I would order because I love it so much. I'm really hating how some of the japanese restaurants I go serves ramen/udon or any other noodles form in the black soy sauce. I really want a good soup based ramen instead of the soy sauce based soup which I think it's so freaking salty. 

Miso soup is one of my favorite soup. 

And I can't explain how happy and satisfied I am with this bowl of goodness , with seaweed , roast chicken and egg. 

I know how simple it looks but it really taste so good that I would just go ~~~~~ah~~~~~~~

I think you should give it a try since it's pretty much affordable , around RM16 each bowl or so. Of course, if that is not enough - you can always go for set meals or additional of sushis. 

BUT PLEASE TRY THIS! I swear, it won't disappoint you!

I'm so going back to this place just for this ramen.

I heard that Ippudeo ramen in Pavillion is good . I think I should go try it soon.

How do you love my Givenchy? * smirk.*