Monday, January 14, 2013



I can't believe I am this late for this post but I was so lazy to sort out the pictures, edit them and of course, do everything right here - right now.

I actually want to spend sometime ranting about my stress in college and stuff . I have been skipping so much classes that I don't even know what is teacher talking about. I'm planning to take a break and sort out my timetable. 

 I wish I'm just like any other girls - leaving under a shield without any worries and just stretch out my hand for money from my family but somehow, I just don't dare to do this anymore unless it is necessary like paying college stuff - fees, maybe?

You don't expect me to pay 10k right? Wtf.

And also,
I hate how my blogshops are driving me insane. Sigh.

long introduction of little ranting is done :D


Meet my favorite shoes!

I'm planning to buy another one for myself :D

Still doing research.

And so, 
The other day Jacinth & I was jokingly saying that we wanted to go Universal Studio together and here we go. I paid for my own air ticket okaaay! 


This is me sitting on the massage chair while waiting for departure. 

I didn't sit on the massage chair for massage.

I sit on it because I took out the plug of the massage chair to just charge my phone. Yes, like a desperate bitch. But I would die if there's no battery! What if I freaking die in Johor and can't contact anyone wtf. 

Hoooohoooo.. You bought Union Jack Mustache Necklace from Raqul Reed yet? :)


Was trying to take some artistic I-am-on-a-trip picture but failed . Filtered it a million times and it looks better originally.

Did I tell you I cut my pants myself? LOL.


Look at the amount of medals she have for being a state volleyballeer.

And I have nothing,

ha ha ha.

Both of us were such assholes that we slept at 3am after having a good laugh at her young time photobook. Gosh, you don't know how funny things are when you look back. So camwhore more okay? HAHAHA.



Okay, those camwhore pictures were fake one because I took it after my make up hehehe.


Breakfast in the car and Tea without sugar, omggg.



Why the ticket not cute one?! 


This is such a bad picture I swear.



Still very bad .

Chose the wrong top, omfg.


Omg , how I wish we have cafes that looks like this along the street other than Starbucks in Malaysia.

I love everything inside! :D



I overcome my fear , haha. I didn't look at his face and I even ignore what he say wtf.

You know - I'm actually..quite..scared of joker, clowns that kind of thing wtf.


too cute. Must post!


FAVORITE RIDE Other than Mummy LOL.


Aiyoo..people morning face ):



Don't sleep at 3am when you have to wake up early the next day -.-


Marty with coconut!


Alex on the spiderweb .

Those things just look so real , god.


One of my favorite movies since forever,



This is me with a very old school car with my mouth close.


This is me with a very old school car with my mouth open.



Sorry, I forgot my eyeliner.

And ignore my red socks please!


I know that my peace sign isn't gonna help but yeah.




Movie making thingy.

And I was amaze by that.

I was pissed because the water splash on me wtf. 


The newest ride in USS,
Transformer ride.

And , 
I take quite a lot of pictures because the interior design of the place where we have to queue is so realistic and pretty. 





Bluff one!

Only one button can click -.-



Was being too naive. I actually thought that it's touch screen . 

I press the screen so hard and then...

Nothing happened .


3D glasses pictures.


How can my eye bags be so visible even under the glasses..

And the ride was GOOD.

I love how the animation is and I even stretch my hand out to actually wanting to grab Optimus Prime.



I still remember how much I hope to live in this kind of castle, be a princess - owning a wardrobe of pretty dresses , having my own crown and have someone to comb my hair every morning. Then everyday I would wake up with birds chirping, walking to the garden to smell the flowers and finally meet my prince charming with white horse - falling in love , living happily ever after.

It was such a happy dream.

Oh well,
Dreams will always be dreams.

I'm more realistic now. 

If I were to chose Prince Charming or Dark Knight , I would actually chose Dark Knight.

Prince Charming sounds so soft like taufu . lol.


Sweet picture in Far Far Away Land!




I took this because I think the design of the lights is pretty


Late Lunch with unhealthy incredibly yummy fast food.

This set is actually 30bucks but worth the price. 

Why is it so yummy?! 

And Burger is another trendy hit nowadays after bubble tea. 


Finally have time to put on eyeliner.

I so kiasu that I have to turn the cup to make sure the word 'Universal Studio' is displayed for you guys to see. :P




Failed to act cute..


Sorry, I can't take yummy food pictures but it's good, I swear!


I actually complaint that the fries portion was so little. 

End up,
I have to eat my own words because I can't finish it either.

They serve with heinz chilli sauce, omfg!


My favorite picture with Jacinth.

I need a fringe hair cut.


#atod with eyebags , guys.





Sesame Street characters!

I am too stingy to buy anything, thengs.


It was so adorable until I see the price tag, ha ha ha.



Cutee !


This somehow reminds me of Avril Lavigne! 


Very famous yellow cab with my cmi face. 

Thanking god that I'm far away.


Do you .... have to pose like that....seriously?


K , you like laaa :D


Mummy is my NUMBER ONE favorite ride because they reserve rollercoaster style~~
if that makes any sense, lol.




Snows on the street :D




So vintage!

And now to think back, 
how much have they spent on these.



that's me and my 15 MYR cotton candy wtf.



Street show.



Dracula pose for Jacinth because she have my camera all along.

I was not allow to be there because I block people who is sitting down at the cafe. Super offended, pls! TT



Alex so cute! :D


He would be having a hard time removing make up, I tell you.

The green fungi thing over his face makes him look so filthy . ew.


I actually think that this is a sad job.




Prince Charming without a REAL white horse.

I went Universal Studio in Aussie before and it was better wtf.



Love this cartoon so much!



Why do Jacinth attract so many dudes to look into the camera?!?!




This is pretty ugly..


See the guy on the right?

He is so adorable! He never stops smiling when he perform. He actually lighten the mood up - Well, at least to me , he did. I was dead tired at the end of the day but somehow, his funny smiling face make me feel better.



Super CMI picture of the year!





Still fat - always fat TT


This is for my superman whom always spoil me . 


Self-claimed best daughter.


Do you wanna work for me? :)


I like this picture of her to!

She is the best! :D


Snow fall on our heads, huhu.



And honestly,
I haven't feel so kiddy and happy in such a long time.

This is one of the reason I think, it's a good start of the year. And I hope, things would be as good as this until the end of the year. 

So people,
please visit Universal Studio Singapore DURING WEEKDAYS -

to get to sit in the first place in every ride.