Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First getaway of the year.

Hi ,

I just got back from Singapore!

The trip was awesome and proud to say, I kind of support myself for the air tickets and so on - and, I swear I never feel so kiddy ever since I've step into Universal Studio. 

They told me how great it is every single time and now, I totally get what they meant. 

I really love the decorations , food and everything except for the part we use Singapore dollar which the currency was dead high. How I wish I know how to print money ):

Here is some teaser first :D

The must take picture with my peaacceeeee sign!

Indirect tour guide! :D 

Eyebags is our #atod because normal rings are too mainstream. wtf.

For the sake of my shoes!

Igmore the fat model wtf.

College is so tiring ): 

Can I have more holidays and get away? TT

Thanks for the trip , love! 

It was an amazing trip!