Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It feels so good but hurt so bad.

And finally,
I've got pictures from my phone.

I can just throw my camera away. I've asked to blog about my outfits more often now but how am I going to do that when I can just wear my sleepwear to college ? 

You don't want to see me when I'm in college. I look so hideous , omfg.

And the other day which made me nervous like asdfghjkl. 

It feels good that your effort is seen and people actually acknowledge them.

I hope whoever thinks that I didn't make it could change their mind on me now and to people who have support me all the way , would be proud of me. I don't know whether it's the pain that I've been through or determination of wanting to prove people wrong to bring me to this.

But it feels good when people tell me things like - " you deserve all of it." & " I'm proud of you."

Ming & I . I wish Bernice was here with us too.

Mix and Match with bright colours in my closet! :)

& some random days at college.

Honestly, I didn't think tiger head shirt/sweat/tee would be a big hit and I bought the tiger head sweat above for only 30 bucks in some random shop in pyramid - if I'm not mistaken. if I knew it would be a trend, I would buy all colours.

Ngehehehe, look at my eyebags TT

Souvenir from the twins all the way from Koreaaa.



You don't know how I survive with her notes. Without her, my results would be worse .

Me at COCO before GDA.

Was so into GDA that I just had to put on my OOAK tee to support our Kwon Leader. The COCO people even play GD's song after seeing me in this tee. I actually listened to the whole album before heading back to class.

If you're interested in OOAK tee, please click here .

And also ,

Ignore my swollen eyes, please.

This is Amanda and I coincidentally wearing GD-fied tee, hahaha!

She in Giyongchy & I in OOAK :D

If you're interested in Giyongchy, please click here ~! 

Cute a not! :D

And a day out for CNY shopping with the fam .

Just going for a casual look since I'll need to change often. I had a good buy!

Undying love for accessories :)

Comme des fuckdown!

Seoul Garden for brunch.

It's totally worth the money! It's korean buffet style - as in, you can keep on taking bulgogi and cook it yourself. I love it. 

You know I don't like korean food other than KimChi Haru & korean food that doesn't taste too kimchi-ish.

I don't like Korean restaurants like DaORae and DaSaRang. 


ngehehe, My trademark slippers :D

And if you're interested in Comme Des FuckDown items, 
please click here !

I used to not be the tshirt kind of girl but now, I'm starting to buy them. Ah, people change- don't they? :)

till then.