Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love is painful .

Just a short update with a whole lot of pictures.

I swear I'm not good at elaborating unless I'm feeling sad or so - Infact, who actually reads anyway? So many of my friends told me they just scroll it down to see pictures.

Sad to say ,
I can never quit blogging because I'm so used to it.

I started ever since I'm in standard 5 and then stopped because I have no internet back then. I continued when I'm in form one then, until now . Oh god, the way I used to describe things was so - ..

And, I'm so honest about everything I have felt in my life.

I guess some things are meant to be personal, no?

Anyways ,
These are the pictures from ShawNam's nineteen at his place.


like this picture alot! :)

And we were in sunway, starving our heads off wtf.

And finally head to his house around 7 or so. Thanking god that there weren't any jam. You know how crazy the jam is , at Puchong!

#armcandy , got a not?!


They are too cute.

And this is my #potd.

We have took a lot Polaroids but in the end, it just vanish like that. 

And looking at this picture,
I realize how things change after a year.

We are all growing up now! :)

Group pic and that's only half of us.

Told you , it would be short.