Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You touched me with your smile.

Did Raqul Reed's photoshoot and celebrated Xiuming's belated birthday last saturday. It was a busy busy day , mg.

Woke up around 2pm , got wash up and nom-ed down a piece of french toast and just roughly pack up everything that I should bring. Double checked the make up set and stuff. And off we go to puchong.

Finished in 2 hours or so.

Did a simple make up and then rush out of the house to tenji 2.

Make up got ruined );

Fixed in the toilet , at least for ten minutes :o

While waiting for the others, hoho.

Round' 730pm, off we go to take food :p


and in the midst of eating,
we still have time to...

ending pose :p

Was kinda full after awhile , and so... SS

Beware ,
Lisababy and I :p

I think I took alot of rounds of food but didn't finish.

Too hungry and greedy .

then we sang her a song .



And after that,
we have some dessert and stuff.

Red bean flavored potong ice-cream. :p

And there comes the camwhoring session!


Like x1000

Von: P

I like this picture alot tho cos can see my entire outfit.


And we sat in tenji till 10pm.

I got home round 1015pm or so then outside my house, we were like discussing whether we should get something to do.

Out of the randomness, we decided to go ss15 for some gongcha!

haha :p

just imagine 6 of us in a myvi!

After gongcha ,
home we go !

What a enjoyable day (;.

I really like this kind of dinner thing. I really love to dress up and put on some make up tho. I don't know why. Call me SS or whatever you could say but I really do love dressing up.
taking pictures lol.

RAQUL REED'S UPDATED! link to the right!