Saturday, July 18, 2015

St Ali, Melbourne Weekend in Garage 51.

Coffee hype has always been around. However, it got lighted up somemore during the Melbourne weekend. It was just a three-day event over the weekend featuring the champion barista. I was so glad that Matthew Perger dropped by Malaysia with his World Tour, regarding to his brew and coffee. 

And he is also one of the reason which I love St Ali so much. 

I believe that I have mentioned about St Ali, in Melbourne, a numerous of times about how good their coffee is. You can read back about my visit to St Ali in Melbourne by clicking HERE

It was a very enthusiastic morning for Matt's brew. 

He was at Garage 51 which is just a turning away from my house. 

The crowd definitely came for him. You can already see how good he looks from far, haha.

St Ali's beans was used the whole day. However, Matt only brew until 2-3pm. 

St Ali's classic Flat White for me. 

I hope that I don't sound too crazy like this. But it gave me the same feeling I have when I'm in Melbourne. I can't believe I can have such a good cuppa in Malaysia. 

Trust me when I say that it's different.

Ming have her classic Cappucino. 

Cappucino is always my first choice but I know that St Ali serves better Flat White. We must always go for the best despite not being the first choice. 

Appreciation post for these goodness. 

Besides coffee, we also have food to fill up our tummy. 

Awesome Garage Breakfast at RM19

Homemade hash browns, smoked chicken ham, diced mushroom topped with free-range poached egg and hollandaise sauce. The presentation is definitely something since it's all stacked up. 
As you can see, the poached egg was perfect. I love how they caught the time right. However, the hashbrown did not meet up our expectation of how it should be. Instead of being crispy or downright soft , it was very firm on the outside and it wasn't soft enough. I don't remember hashbrowns was like this. The ham was too cold. I guess, the only thing that satisfy me was the poach eggs. 

Succulent Chicken Piccata at RM 25

I'd prefer this dish more since it is more delightful. They used chicken breast and it was fluffy. Pairing up with crispy poached egg which was perfect , it was overall good. This dish is really filling and definitely a good one to start off your day. I would love it if they get more generous with their salad. 

And I guess, the food needs to catch up with the good coffee they serve.

Coffee Societe serves super good coffee. But the food always get left behind. Well, there is a lot of room for improvement. 

give me better food. 

And finally the highlight of the whole visit to St Ali ; I don't even get to see him in person in Melbourne. 

Matt doing what he does best. 

*cough* and you can't deny that , he is very good looking.

At one point, he reminds me of Justin Timberlake. 

Justin Timberlake and coffee. Well, sounds good heh. 

And a picture of friendly Matt and I. 

I was actually a little shy for the picture request. I also get to see him brew up close. 

This might be something small. It is in my field of interest so I appreciate it so much. I never thought that I would fangirl over a barista. It must be the visit to St Ali which made me fall in love with their beans - *cough* and their owner. 

Before I end this post, let me appreciate it once more.

Matt's Brew. 

Appreciate little things in life. 

Now, I need more coffee.