Tuesday, July 28, 2015


My stripes and ripped jeans ootd , which was my first attempt street basic. I hope I don't look too bad in it. 

Is it just me or serving toast is a trend now? 
There are many places doing special sandwiches or toast in a very creative way, no matter in savoury or dessert form. I love bread since forever.

I went to Haraju-Cube to try out their Japanese Honey Toast. Their toast are coated with Honey, and this is definitely something different from where else. Definitely this place is Japanese inspired. 

Butterscotch Milk at RM8.90

This taste heavenly to me. It's slightly creamy with strong butterscotch taste with milk. In other words, they just mix butterscotch with milk until the texture is thicker. 
I went back to Haraju-cube twice and still order it , despite knowing that it's going to overlap the calorie count. 

Wafu-Tuna Toast at RM12.90

This is the savoury toast which has nothing to shout about. A piece of toast spread with generous amount of tuna with different toppings. However, the potato salad was good. I had all of it to myself.

Strawbelicious at RM25.90

One of the most hyped product around as mentioned by the staff. Even before they tell me, I already set my eyes on this toast. Nothing goes wrong with strawberries especially when it comes to Japanese. I love Japanese strawberry crepes and this taste way better than I've imagined. 

I was struggling to cut the outer layer off


the owner whom is standing at the side gave up and came to lend a hand, lol.

There are eight fairly cut cubes in the toast. Each piece of them are spread with French butter which makes it totally crispy on the outside. While it's very fluffy on the inside. The outer layer is harder which most of the people would skip that. As for me, I ate a little of that because it goes so well with the ice-cream. I hate how the toast becomes too soft when the ice cream is placed on top for too long. I think the outer layer goes out. 

This is definitely something new ... and yummy.

and this is definitely not for two person. 

One honey toast should be share between three instead. It's really filling. 

and having the strawberry one is not enough so I went back to have more! #pig

Azuki-Matcha Honey Toast at RM 25.90

This time I have Matcha , which comes after strawberry on my favourite list. I love how there are always red beans which goes with the matcha ice cream. The toast taste the same . The difference is the topping that goes with it.

Their matcha ice-cream is really good. And I love how they freeze their red bean paste. Red bean would be the best to go with green tea. 

If you do not like sweetness, I would suggest you to have Matcha Honey Toast. If not, please order strawbelicious. As for their signature ' Haraju-Bomb' will not be my choice because their combination is too much for me to take. However, every Honey Toast has their speciality. 

Last pic of my ootd before I end ;