Saturday, July 25, 2015

Old songs.

Have you ever came across a song on your playlist which you didn't listen to for a long time - that makes you think about someone? 

At one point, you actually forget about downloading it. It might be a song you downloaded a few years ago, or maybe some new ones with lyrics that speaks your emotions. This particular song will give you chills , from the tip of your hair down to your toes. It makes you uncomfortable but addicted at the same time - you just hit the replay button over and over again. 

This song will remind you of someone. And, you miss them because they are no longer here in your life. Or maybe, they are far far away from you. Someone whom gives a big impact of you in your life. Someone that brings you happiness but gave up on you. Someone that hurt you. Someone whom was almost everything.
This song will bring you down the memory lane , taking a stroll in the past. It will make you think and think - think what went wrong and the consequences if you took a different approach. It's going to sting but not hurt. It's going to be filled with broken pieces which you can never mend. Once you missed the timing, things are not going back to where it was. And all you do is to play those memories like a movie scene in your head for the whole 3-4 minutes by following the rhythm of the song.

And in that few minutes, it gives you a roller coaster emotion. But when the song ends, it brings you back to reality of where you should be - making you realized that there is nothing much you can do but to just see them in your mind. 

I hope that one day there will be such a song that reminds you what I once meant to you. 


Turning into : Come Home by One Republic.