Friday, July 31, 2015


I can never get enough of this city. 

And I believe that my insta followers already had enough of pictures of me with KLCC as the background. 

I returned to troika to give another restaurant a try. There are three restaurants under troika sky dining. This time, I have my favourite italian cuisine in Strato. I visited Strato twice in a month time with same birthday occassion. 

Now, let's get to the food which most of you are concern of. 

I didn't manage to the pictures of the surroundings because I was having hard time climbing up the stairs with my dress. I would advise girls to take note when they are heading upstairs to the seatings. You don't want to give anyone at Claret Wine Bar any free shows. 

Instead of having soup as starter, the girls and I ordered antipasti platter to share.

Cured meat antipasti platter with pickled mushrooms, artichoke, sundried tomatoes, grilled zucchini and toasted sourdough bread 
RM 60

It was stated that this plate serves 2-3 person. However, I think it can serve up to four. Grilled Zucchini and Sundried Tomatoes actually play a bigger role than the cured meat. I do not really like pickled mushrooms though. It's strangely uncomfortably sour to me. Besides that, it was all good. 
Well, it feels good that everyone is sharing a plate. Feels a little bit like family. 

Linguini pasta with crab, chili, rocket and crab sauce

Nothing beats handmade pastas. The linguini was at the correct texture to go with the sauce. As you can see, the sauce is actually like soup. The generous amount of crab meat surprised me. If you love aglio olio , I recommend you this dish. 

Black and White Fettuccine Pasta with Salmon and Salmon Roe , Cabonara Sauce
RM 55

This dish is new to the menu- heard that it was only a month old or so. This is my favourite pasta dish of all since it features both black and white Fettuccine. Black Fettuccine is made from Squid Ink. Definitely a good combination in taste and presentation. You can see their generous amount of salmon and a hint of salmon roe. It was very yummy. Perhaps that their cabonara sauce is not as flavourful as the one you could find outside. But that also show that, they use natural premium ingredients and not preservatives to make it yummy. 
So I mark this as my favourite.

Good pasta, good Italian meal. 

Definitely, we should order pizza. 

Pizza and Pasta is the main character when it comes to italian food. 

Scallops, Sundried tomatoes , shredded romaine lettuce, mozzarella, garlic aioli 
RM 55

This is also new in the menu so you couldn't find it online. I love how Strato always add new things every month or so. Their pizza is really good so , I think it is a must order. Perhaps you can skip the starter and order this as starter. 

It's crunchy yet, soft. Definitely one of the best pizza they have around the town.


They also offer mains which has nothing to shout about.

Grilled ribeye steak with ricotta, tomatoes, rough chopped basil pesto, onions and white balsamic dressed leaves

I will always choose pasta and pizza when it comes to italian food. And also, this is the reason I love Italian cuisine compare to another cuisine. 

Compared to the other two restaurants in Troika, the place is a little smaller. And you could not enjoy the nighview unless you are facing the window. This position is ideal for couples where couples are allow to sit side by side, probably enjoying the night view and have pizza together. That will be my ideal date lol. 

We also opened a bottle of red wine ; well, it was SH's birthday. 

Italian food never disappoints.