Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another book closed.

How is your first few days of 2015 so far?

Every year, saving money and losing weight will always be in my new year resolution list. I don't think a few days of the new year would make me a different person from last year but I wish to improve from day to day even if it's just baby steps. I've realized that new year resolution isn't valid if you are still in your own comfort zone. Instead of using new year resolution as a reason, it will work out better if all of us start doing something now. 

Okay, that was really motivating.

 And, I am still not moving out of this bed of mine after of two days of lazing around at home. 

My new year's eve was really simple. My friends and I didn't have a solid plan beforehand because everyone couldn't come up with something. I insisted to head out during that night because I have a thing for celebrating new years. I know that it's just another time where the clock strike 12, but seeing the figure of the year increase is something comforting to me. 

I love new years , where the fact that I'll be able to leave a whole year behind me despite it being good or bad. I like how it makes me feel like I'll be able to start over again and having new opportunities right in front of me - it seem like a long way down the road again , and this time I will not repeat the same mistake I used to do. It's a kind of closure ; even if it was something I could only feel and see for myself. 

And, it feels incredible to me - so I need to be with my friends , even if it's just one of them. 

We settled down in Silver Spoon in Publika, without any bookings. We waited for a while but the luck is still on our side because there's seats for us before the countdown start. I don't think the idea of standing outside the restaurant and wishing each other having a new year a head is something I am looking forward to. God bless that it didn't happen. 

We had titbits and , different kinds of alcohol. I was pleased that there is red wine and white wine on the table. The price range that night was surprisingly affordable where all else overcharged. 

and pictures with the boys ; before everything gets out of hand - well, we know our own limits so we are still able to walk in a straight line back to the parking. 

Already a little tipsy , lol.

I hope you have fun during that night too.

Happy New Year ; Cheers to 2015. 

love, Carmen.