Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Throwback to Melbourne.

I have brunch almost everyday in Melbourne for the whole 8 days , and I wouldn't want my pictures to go waste. So I decided to put two brunch places in this post due to the lack of pictures. Just like how I introduce Korean cuisine in Melbourne, so here it is for brunch and to satisfy your sweet tooth. I also have a few individual posts already. Look at my dedication to food, lol. 

Hammer andTong

This place is located at Fitzroy , where you have to take the tram because it's kinda far from the city. Hammer & Tong is rated as the first of best brunch places on urbanspoon , so it's a definite must to visit for brunch. 

We are a little lucky that we only need to wait for five minutes for our place. They have limited seats.

Flat White, for a change. 

They used goat milk, and it tasted a little different. I'd prefer the normal milk tho.

Salted and Pepper french toast, fried duck egg, maple, sausage crumble, duck egg and salted caramel ice cream .  at 19aud .

I like this combination a lot. 

Since young, my grandma always tell me that I couldn't mix warm food with ice cream because it will cause stomach ache. But now, I know that it's a lie. I didn't get stomach ache , and my tummy was really happy. The portion is just right for a person , definitely not for a guy. Just enough to fit a girl's stomach. 

I swear that the sausage crumbles were so good when it comes together with duck egg and salted caramel ice cream. Who will say no to salted caramel , you tell me ! 

Soft Shell Crab Burger  at 12aud .

This is the signature in the whole menu, and I swear it tasted heavenly. However, it is not satisfying because the portion comes with the price. 12aud is really cheap for a dish. I only have half of the burger cos I had the first dish filled. Everyone actually ordered two soft shell crab burgers. 

Yes, it's that good. 

A clearer picture of it. 

We only order the signature dishes. Everyone actually ordered the same thing , lol. 

More to ensuring that you're filled, I think Hammer & Tong emphasize on the quality of food they serve to their customers. The portion may not meet up to your expectation , but the taste and quality of the food covers it all. It was a pleasant morning . Over all good !

Manchester Press

I read it on the net that Manchester Press serves one of the most authentic choice of breakfast for Australians. This place is located at Rankins Lane and also, the first place I went for brunch once I touched down. Also, it is the cheapest brunch I had compared to the others. 

It was full house . SH actually went and lined up for twenty minutes or so, for us. I swear that I'm not the reason of the whole latecoming story. Don't give me that stare. 

First cup of Coffee in Melbourne. 

Smoked Salmon, Spring Onion and Chive Cream Cheese topped with baby capers  at 13aud.

Look at the hearty portion of salmon they served. My eyes widen when I see them serve this dish. We can never get this portion back in Malaysia. This is the biggest portion of them all. But it depends on individual whether they want raw food for their first meal of the day. This is under the category of 'Open Bagel'. You can choose your choice of bagel, they offer four different kinds on the menu. The Cream Cheese is at the point.  

Tuna Mayo Melt with tasty cheese and Jalapeno's at 10aud .

It falls under the category of 'Closed Bagel' , which is actually like a burger. I didn't like the combination of the three because it's too heavy in the morning. It will be suitable for people who like heavy breakfast. I'd prefer my first meal light. 

Fruit and Nut bagel with mixed berry mascarpone , fresh strawberries and crushed pistachio at 13aud.

This is my choice and I swear that, this is really good. Even though the dish is cold, it satisfy my sweet tooth in the early morning. If there is a choice of choosing sweet or savoury ones, I'll definitely go for the first choice. It tasted like Mixed berry yogurt with cookiess. The bagels is crunchy instead of soft, This is actually my kind of breakfast. It satisfy my sweet tooth , healthy, light and makes me very happy!

As you can see, Manchester Press are major in bagels and they really sure know how to deal them well. We couldn't find many choices of bagels in Malaysia. I'm glad that they brought me to Manchester Press as the first stop , because it's really something different you can find back home. 

Ready for Ice Creams ? :)

N2 Extreme Gelato

They are not lying.

Feeling a little proud to see our 'Jalur Gemilang' on the board. # proudMalaysianmoment 

Malaysia Independence Day hits when I'm in Melbourne , thus there's a lot of loving our country vibe going on. I always know that there is a lot of Malaysians in Melbourne , but I never expected this much. There are a few familiar faces back in highschool and some from Taylor's . 

Alright, that's not the point. 

Back to their Gelato.

Oh my god. 

Both is Milo Mofo which is at 8aud each. Decided on Milo after seeing Malaysian Flag. I regretted not to order Teh Tarik and Ferrero Reveal because they seemed yummy too. 


This cup of goodness was beyond words. I am not very good when it comes to judging ice creams or gelato because I think it all taste the same. I only had gelato once in Malaysia and it was really horrible. I even say that I'll stick to ice-cream instead but N2 changed my mind. 

I really hope that they could have a branch here :( 

Really, Gelato game stroooonkkk. 


I actually have gelato twice in a day within an hour. I had N2 first and then to Messina, because everyone say that it's a must try before I go home. Just when I thought that N2 was already good enough, they change my mind again. 

Look at them!

Chose Salted Caramel and Coffee , making it double scoop! 

I am not really sure about their famous or signature flavours. I can assure that it will still taste good either how. If you want to play on the safe side, choose chocolate but I think they offer more than three kinds of chocolate flavours which will definitely put you in dilemma again.

This time I have it in a cone!

And more unglam pictures of me eating ice cream , lol.

This is really candid. 

I think both Messina and N2 is good. It depends on individuals , really. For me, I think I'll prefer Messina because it's really authentic. While for N2 , they mix and match a lot of flavours which gives you a spark in your tastebuds. So it depends. 

And I wonder, how many Melbourne posts are actually talking about my itinerary rather than food. It's all about food in Melbourne, I swear. 

Hammer & Tong412 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC 3065
Manchester Press8 Rankins Lane Melbourne, VIC 3000
N2 Extreme Gelato 329 Brunswick Street Fitzroy VIC 3065
Messina 237 Smith St Fitzroy VIC 3066