Sunday, January 25, 2015

Demands under the citylights.

Between people, we often find someone who contradicts us. The worst thing you can do is to develop feelings romantically with them. You could never imagine to be with them but our feelings couldn't be controlled. Often, the strongest feelings are developed through time and the acknowledgement of how different both personalities are.

 As a realist, it will never work out if both personalities contradicts. As a romantic, opposite attracts. And for me, this is a choice belong to two parties if they want to work this out.

Perhaps it was a choice of you to want something lesser , and it was my problem of demanding something more. We are all locked up in the idea of our differences and stressing each other out. I am complicated and you are rather simple - and those are the little things that I have been looking for since forever. This simplicity that I fell in love with sometimes angers me because my checklist will never be ticked. 

I understand that we have different ideas of romance ; and I perfectly know that all of this that I requested for will be regarded as demanding. I insisted because I've came across of having adrenaline rush with people but never have the thought of doing all of these with them. I only want to do all of these with you, even if I could do it with someone else. 

I hope you understand that, all of them matters to me. Because these are the things I want to do with you because we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Forever, is a whole long journey and there is no promises of us being presence in each other lives. To not appreciate the present seemed like a sin.And, I don't want to leave room of any regrets with you.

I'm sorry that I've been asking for so much. But, I really love the idea of my romance to go with - you.