Thursday, January 29, 2015

After Black Cafe

I've finally check out new cafes close to my area. Most of them serves food , which is really nice. It's really frustrating if I need to have lunch before I go coffee break because often, my friends and I couldn't decide what to eat. 

After Black Cafe serves a larger portion of food with affordable prices compare to other cafes out there. This place is definitely a good pick for Sunway Uni students since they are located just right beside Sunway Uni - same row as Garage 51. 

I prefer cafes with dimmer lightings, with the maximum usage of natural sunlight. Black interior was comfortable ; not to mention that they have pretty calming music too. 

Loving this vintage corner. 

And the best part of the cafe is this ,

Don't you think that it's pretty?

Definitely a sky full of stars ; I can never get over those hanging lights across the ceiling. 

I appreciate lights in darkness , and that's why I really love night view from the top. Compare to sunset and sunrise, I actually prefer pretty lights like this. I always have a dream to hang them across the room but I am lacking of enthusiasm to decorate - so , perhaps one day lol. 

This is the first time I visit After Black for coffee break ; and after looking across the menu, I've decided to pay another visit for their brunch since they really offer good combination of food. 

Cappucino at RM8.90 ;
which was fairly good.Not to mention that the price is actually lower compare to the other cafe outside. I'd prefer them to make their coffee extra hotter. Everything they have are screaming for pictures. And I need a little more time to get a perfect one.

Rose Latte at RM10.90 
I definitely recommend this drink. It's really difficult to find speciality latte like this. It's a little sweeter , and I would say that this is a girly drink. My guy friends told me that this cup only taste good at the first sip. As it all goes, it's a little bit too sweet for their liking. 

I think this is a must try since it is one of their signature drink. I highly recommend this!

It deserves a picture on its own , because it's good.

Next, it would be food pictures which I drool over - it was pretty effortless. *self-praise*

I will love to show you this side of the menu that offers 'Pasta Set' and 'Black Rice Set' which allow you to choose pasta/ black rice with one main dish with a fairly good price. They also allow you to order the main dish without the pasta with another price which is definitely cheaper. However, if you go all the way calculative to save money , the set will be a better choice. 

Don't you think that their choices are really good. The price alter with the main dish you choose to come with your pasta or rice - which is nice. 

Cheese Baked Chicken and Mushroom with Aglio Olio Pasta at RM16.90

Cheese Baked Chicken and Mushroom at RM 13.90

This is my choice since their Roasted Chicken Whole Leg is not available anymore. I can't believe that it is sold out. Well, we were a little late for lunch that day. 

Surprisingly, the whole cheese baked main dish have generous ingredients. I expected more mushroom than chicken but they were fairly in good portions. I do not really like tomato based pasta and creamy would be too heavy to go with cheese so aglio olio would be the best choice. 

I would say that it's overall pretty good. And , I can't finish the pasta. 

Grilled Salmon with Mint Tomato Sauce and Creamy Cheese Pasta at RM 27.90

Grilled Salmon with Mint Tomato Sauce at RM24.90

Salmon was fresh and they have cherry tomatoes coming with the salad. Creamy Cheese Pasta turn out a little watery which is fine to go with main dish. This combination is really healthy - and is the most expensive combination compare to the others. The ingredients were fresh and thus, the price is fine. Mint tomato sauce is definitely something new. 

Soft Shell Crab with Sweet and Spicy Thai Sauce and Cheese Baked Rice at RM25.90 . 

Soft Shell Crab with Sweet and Spicy Thai Sauce - RM 21.90

The portion of soft shell crab was hearty. We expected something smaller than this. I love how they have greens to come along with the mains to ensure balanced diet. The soft shell crab was goooood. And the cheese baked black rice was nice - but the portion was a little too small. The cheese play a major role to filled up our stomach. 

Besides that , you can order the three choices of pasta they offered in ala carte at RM5.90 only with the same portion! I widened my eyes when I see the price. The black rice is priced at RM 4.90 and with baked cheese, it's RM 5.90. 

Well, this is a fairly good deal if you are not really hungry - or when you want to save money. It's really affordable!

They also have salad set which I would love to try. I only tried their tiramisu nutty cake which was good - but not the best I had. Their signature is tofu cheesecake which is presented in a jar. They have a lot of offer , allowing customer to alter their choices ensuring their return. This is really smart of them because I'm all hooked to them. I already know what I want to order the next visit! 

This is definitely a hearty lunch. 

After Black is on the top of my list in this area. 

till then.