Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pulp by Papa Palheta .

I am sure that everyone could recognize this background. It's all over instagram. Beside of having such a background, they are famous for their freshly brewed coffee. I never tried cold brewed coffee so this is the only place with super good reviews, so here I am. 

Pulp by Papa Palheta.

So happy with the beautiful interior. I like how lights shine in through the windows but it's not hot. The lightning will make all pictures look good. 

More places like this please. I need more pictures , lol.

How they brew the coffee.

I like how friendly the staff is. 

She actually explains how the coffee is made , and actually ask us what kind of coffee we prefer. It's really hard to find service like that in Malaysia. It literally made my day. 

A must order Cappucino , which was just nice.

Cold Brew Coffee served in bottles , which looks like medicine.

I really wanted to bring the bottle home because it's so cute. 

this deserve another shot , because I think I've made it look artistic.

It tasted fine. I never tried coffee with ice cubes but it's really nice to have it on a hot day. It tasted like chilled black coffee. When the coffee is cold, it's pretty hard to determine how good it is. My friend say it tasted like 'Kopi O' , lol. 

Still think that it's worth the try.

The scones was not a big deal , so don't bother. Perhaps the cake was a better choice. 

The environment was good, and it's for a perfect afternoon. It's a nice place to catch up as well. Everyone keep their volume low so you do not need to shout over table. I'm disappointed at some cafes letting their customer shouting across. However, it's not wi-fi friendly because the line keeps cutting off. At the other side, it's good for people to catch up. 

It's all blue.

will def come back here. xx