Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fuego, Troika Sky Dining.

The view is magnificent , isn't it?

I'm pretty proud of my city, and I love how people recognize Kuala Lumpur with KLCC - or they call it the twin corns ; either way, it's something that I'm proud with being a malaysian. 

Have I mentioned that the view of Kuala Lumpur is beautiful?

Perhaps it's not as great as the one you expect in NYC , but it definitely did not lose that much. 

I'm glad that they have a new restaurant in town with affordable price which has a magnificent view. This is a place where you want to spend your weekend or spend your special occasion at. 


Was lucky enough to catch the sun set .

It's really beautiful when the sky slowly gets darker , and enhance the beauty of lights of the city.

My city , Kuala Lumpur. 

Troika is always famous for Cantaloupe with their fine dine , Strato with their italian food , Acme Bar and Coffee for brunch. Now, they have a new sky dine place which offer an affordable price range and really good food. I went to Fuego twice , and I still want to return. Despite not being in an air-conditioning room, it was really comfortable. Not to mention that the view was magnificent. 

Yes, it's really romantic. 

and here comes the food ;

Salmon Roe Guacamole at RM 25 . 

This is my favourite appetizer of the night. Smashed Avocado with red chilli ( which was little), tomato and Italian parsley. The hint of lime was bringing out the generous amount of fresh salmon roe they give. 

Soft Shell Crab as Nachos at RM 35.

Pressed Potato at RM 20

Pressed Baked Potato with Black Olive Tapenade. I don't fancy this dish much because it taste rather sour. They said it's one of the most recommended dish, but I think it isn't worth it. 

Braised Beef Back Rib at RM 95.

Honey Glaze with Crispy Ribs. It was really good . Even if the bones is 60% of what it is, I'm sure the 40% is worth the money you are paying. 

Australian Grass Fed Rib-Eye at RM110 .

Medium rare rib-eye was marvellous. The Grelot Onion Sauce goes very well with the meat. I used to insist my dish to be medium well because it scares me when I see it overly red. But Fuego changed my mind , and the next time I'll order medium rare. 

Chermuola Chicken at RM120 .

Whole Chicken roasted with Hot Diablo Sauce , which was only okay. This dish is a sharing portion unless you can finish the whole chicken yourself.  The Diablo Sauce is a little spicy. 

It was a great night so we decided to open a bottle of wine , catching up and enjoy the night view. 

Even if we are filled, we still have tummy for dessert.

Berries Pavlova.

This is a  M U S T  order dessert. 

The generous amount of Berries inside of the Light as air Pavlova coated with Flame Brandy. This is also insta worthy. I really like how the chef able to balance up the sweetness and the taste of alcohol. I recommend this as dessert . I was contemplating if I should order this or the churros. I'm glad that I never regret my decision. 

Got cotton candy as a 'surprise gift' from Fuego for posting up a picture on insta . 

It was a great night. I really enjoy doing this on weekends. It's like a way to start the leisure days. This post makes me feel so old. Instead of hitting the club, I actually just enjoy sitting around doing nothing with a glass of wine. 

That's the bloated me and Twin towers.

You guys should really visit Fuego.