Sunday, September 2, 2012

That Bitch - THAT XX .

I can't believe I forget about this post. I literally just save it here. Thank god that I scrolled through all my blogpost out of random.

And oh well,
It's just another post about those girly stuff.

This is my outfit of the day!

I really love empire. I like how quiet it is and it's not always crowded , at least on weekdays is really quiet! And I like their toilets , wtf. The lightning and the white background is really pretty. I think empire is awesome and not to say, they have so many place to chill out - like having a cup of tea, macaroons or maybe some cheesecakes plus gossips with the girlfriends!

This is the high tea set I ordered at Vanilla Place! 

And ,
it's so freaking beautiful right?

The price is definitely reasonable though and the place is so nice. But , it's kinda weird that it's not in a shoplot. But don't worry, it's quiet there. 

Note my star ring!

My Bohemian earrings all the way from Korea! 

I'm quite crazy in buying accessories nowadays but I don't have the time to choose and put on any before I head out as, I am always waking up late for outings. Don't even mention about college that start so early! I am always in an oversize tee and leggings. I miss wearing dresses to college too ):

Oh well,
meet me and ze bitch that have been camwhoring with me since forever.

our eyes!

And Mingli was there with us but she wasn't in the mood for pictures.

And those,

#OOTD post. 

I instagram too much.

Have you guys notice the picture at the header of my page are changing constantly? 
It's my instargram link though!

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Hello to ze bitch!

Should I put these on Raqul Reed? 
I don't know but it looks so pretty to me! I love it like so much! TT

it feels good to hang out with somebody with you're totally comfortable with even just for a few hours.

It sucks that I'm having trials right now and speaking of it, I freaking have business tomorrow morning. I should just head off now - or maybe, after a few videos of Big Bang. Have you listened to THAT XX by GD? WTF, IT'S SO NICE TT
And for a mo,
I thought he was TOP. I thought he asked TOP to act in his music video pfttt. emo.

Both of the pictures both are my favorite of the day!

Can't wait to spend some time with that person up there. 

See you.